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Dec 10, 2015

They Raised $3250 in 48 hours

I just wanted to tell you about a simple, yet great little fundraising idea.

It helped one family raise $3250 in 48 hours...

And another family raise $3500 first time, and over $7000 for their second fundraiser...

All in aid of adoption fees.

Now it may be a perfect fundraiser for Adoption Fundraising, but it is not the only cause that you can use it with. With a bit of creativity it could be used for many types of fundraisers.


Take a look and let me know what you think through a comment at the bottom of the page.

All the best with your Fundraising,



PS. This fundraiser may not be a perfect fit for your cause, so because I always want to make sure you get great benefit...

Here's a free and "raved about" 1 hour webinar full of Silent Auction Tips from Sherry Truhlar.


Dec 09, 2015

Tag The Bag Fundraiser | Perfect for Adoption Fundraising

A brilliantly creative fundraising idea: The Tag the Bag Fundraiser. Find out how much people are raising & how to do one successfully yourself...

Continue reading "Tag The Bag Fundraiser | Perfect for Adoption Fundraising"

Dec 03, 2015

Raise 3 Times More

So it's finally the end of November and I can shave my Movember off! Yessss!!!

Retro-look done; Money donated to the Cancer Society; but I'm still scratching my head at how people like having a moustache. It was so irritating and scratchy that I almost lost my mind :-)

Anyway I'm all back to normal now and ready to move on to this week's news item. My friends over at Fundrazr have got a great post for your fundraising...

How to Pitch your Fundraising Story to the Media - & Why you Should!

The why is easy...

"Statistics suggest that campaigns that receive news coverage (either online or offline) raise 2 to 3 times more than campaigns that don't. Furthermore, campaigns with news coverage also receive more anonymous donations."

To find out the how, then read the article.

All the best with your fundraising! And remember to leave them your thoughts and ideas on the article in their comment section at the bottom.


Dec 01, 2015

The Best T Shirt Fundraiser - & How To

An Online T Shirt Fundraiser is one of the most popular & successful fundraisers at the moment. It's simple to setup, cost-free, & hassle-free. Take a look...

Continue reading "The Best T Shirt Fundraiser - & How To"

Nov 26, 2015

Raise More From Your Events

Want to raise more from your events? Yes! Of course you do.

Well there are many ways to raise more funds at an event!

But there's one method that is really simple, and will guarantee more income to your fundraising. And yes, you've definitely heard about it before, and probably used it before.

But... I'm going further with it. I'm giving you 12 different and creative ways of doing this fundraiser, that will help you raise a lot more from your events this coming year.

Take a look...

Go here to find out what these 12 ideas are.

All the best with your fundraising.


PS. If you want some training on how to raise loads more from your events, then take a look at this Event Fundraising series from the Event Fundraising guru, Shanon Doolittle.

It includes Event Fundraising, Getting Sponsorships, and Engaging Board Members in your Event Fundraising.

Be sure to check it out.

Nov 24, 2015

Setup a FREE Fundraising Website

Want to fundraise online? Or need to take registrations for your event? Then create a FREE Fundraising Website with MyEvent...

Continue reading "Setup a FREE Fundraising Website"

Nov 19, 2015

The Best Sports Event for Fundraising!

So what is THE BEST sports event for fundraising?

It's a question I am often asked.

But it's a question that doesn't actually have a perfect answer...

Put plainly: Different sporting events will be more suitable for different causes and within different communities. It all depends on who the cause is and who your supporters are.


There is one idea that is certainly the best for many causes and organizations. And that idea is...

A Golf Tournament

Click the link above to find out why, how to run, and how to fundraise with one.

All the best,
Rob Hampson

PS. For other good Sporting Event ideas take a look here.

Nov 04, 2015

Silent Auction Basket Ideas: 26 Awesome Ideas

Looking for a list of Silent Auction Basket Ideas?! Well here's a detailed list of 26 AWESOME & highly popular basket ideas (with bonus ideas for brainstorming)...

Continue reading "Silent Auction Basket Ideas: 26 Awesome Ideas"

Nov 03, 2015

Bowling Fundraiser - Fun Sports Fundraising Ideas

The Bowling Fundraiser is a fantastic sporting event that will be loads of fun for your supporters. So come learn about and how to run a really successful Tenpin Fundraiser...

Continue reading "Bowling Fundraiser - Fun Sports Fundraising Ideas"

Nov 02, 2015

Golf Fundraising Ideas For a Golf Day

These Golf Fundraising Ideas will help make your Golf Day Fundraiser the most profitable and rewarding day you could ever imagine. Learn what and how...

Continue reading "Golf Fundraising Ideas For a Golf Day"

Oct 30, 2015

Online Auction Fundraiser: 4 Steps to Profitibility

Raise big funds with an online auction fundraiser. Learn the benefits and find out how to make an online charity auction really successful....

Continue reading "Online Auction Fundraiser: 4 Steps to Profitibility"

Oct 12, 2015

101 Fundraising Ideas - That Are AWESOME & Profitable

Here are 101 Fundraising Ideas that are simply brilliant. Ideas that will get your creative juices flowing to make your next fundraising drive super successful...

Continue reading "101 Fundraising Ideas - That Are AWESOME & Profitable"

Oct 12, 2015

Trivia Night Fundraiser: A Fun & Profitable Evening

Want to find out if a Trivia Night Fundraiser can be profitable? Is it worth it? Is it fun? And how do you make it successful? Take a look...

Continue reading "Trivia Night Fundraiser: A Fun & Profitable Evening"

Oct 09, 2015

Coffee Fundraiser - Popular & Effective Food Fundraising Idea

A Coffee Fundraiser a really popular fundraising product. It's also an anyway product; people will buy coffee ANYWAY whether you fundraise with or not. So learn how to use it profitably...

Continue reading "Coffee Fundraiser - Popular & Effective Food Fundraising Idea"

Oct 06, 2015

Halloween Fundraisers - Ideas That Raise Scary Funds

Ready for some great Halloween Fundraisers?! Here are some ideas that will raise scary funds...

Continue reading "Halloween Fundraisers - Ideas That Raise Scary Funds"

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