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Apr 16, 2014

Nonprofit Training: Webinars from Charity How To

Charity How To is a fantastic resource that provides insightful & practical Nonprofit Training Webinars from some of the best fundraising experts every week...

Continue reading "Nonprofit Training: Webinars from Charity How To"

Apr 16, 2014

Raffle Ideas: Successful Ideas for Fundraising

A list of some super creative and profitable raffle ideas to help you succeed with your events and fundraising goals...

Continue reading "Raffle Ideas: Successful Ideas for Fundraising"

Mar 24, 2014

Can this eBook Double Your Fundraising Dollars?

The Almanac of Fundraising Ideas, an eBook by Joe Didonato, claims to be able to double your funds raised. It's quite a claim and is something that every fundraising person wishes to do!

So the important question is - can it actually do it?

Let's first remember that every fundraiser and idea is only ever as good as YOU make it. So even if you have the best idea, with the best advice and guidance, if YOU don't do it effectively, it'll be a failure.

So with that in mind, do I think that this eBook can help an effective fundraising person or committee to double the funds they raise?

The simple answer is yes!

After reading it, and then re-reading it, I've got to say it's probably the most comprehensive fundraising ideas book I've ever read.

It has a huge range of quality fundraising ideas that are presented in a way to help you make the best decision on which fundraisers will be best for your cause and organization.

Joe then provides some brilliant advice on how to make all those ideas highly effective and profitable.

If used properly, this eBook definitely has the potential to double your fundraising dollars. And I would definitely recommend you add it to your fundraising library.

You can read my full review of the Almanac of Fundraising Ideas here.

Be sure to add your own comments or feelings on the book in the comment box there as well.

Or go here for more info on it and to get your copy.

Mar 19, 2014

Golf Fundraising Ideas For a Golf Day

These Golf Fundraising Ideas will help make your Golf Day Fundraiser the most profitable and rewarding day you could ever imagine. Learn what and how...

Continue reading "Golf Fundraising Ideas For a Golf Day"

Mar 13, 2014

Silent Auction Basket Ideas: 26 Awesome Ideas

Looking for a list of Silent Auction Basket Ideas?! Well here's a detailed list of 26 AWESOME & highly popular basket ideas (with bonus ideas for brainstorming)...

Continue reading "Silent Auction Basket Ideas: 26 Awesome Ideas"

Mar 11, 2014

An Awesome Fundraising Event Idea

As I've said before, a great fundraising event idea is one that will still attract people even if it isn't to raise funds for a charitable cause!

And that is exactly what a Wine Tasting Fundraiser is!

It's a phenomenally popular event that's loads of fun, and has some brilliant fundraising potential. And if you just held it as a normal event, you would still attract a full crowd!

There a few ways you can fundraise with this event...

  • Ticket Sales
  • Wine Sales
  • A Wine Pull Raffle
  • Other Raffles
  • Silent Auction
  • Supporter and Organization Apparel Sales

Not to forget the benefits of building relationships with new supporters and potential donors!

Find out how to run this fundraising event successfully here...

How to Host a Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Remember to leave any comments or ideas in the Facebook Comment box at the bottom of the page.

Mar 10, 2014

Online Donations Fundraiser Through Crowdfunding - Highly Recommended!

The online donations fundraiser is a simple, yet effective crowdfunding fundraiser that anyone can raise huge funds from. But there are crucial steps needed for its success. Come learn how...

Continue reading "Online Donations Fundraiser Through Crowdfunding - Highly Recommended!"

Mar 07, 2014

Hosting a Wine Tasting Fundraiser: With Profitable Tips & Ideas

Raise fantastic funds by hosting a wine tasting fundraiser. It's a brilliant event & loads of fun! Discover how to run it successfully with these tips & ideas...

Continue reading "Hosting a Wine Tasting Fundraiser: With Profitable Tips & Ideas"

Mar 07, 2014

Wine Pull Raffle: A Simple & Profitable Fundraising Idea for Events!

Learn how to boost your event fundraising with a simple Wine Pull Raffle - With great tips and ideas on making this fundraiser super profitable...

Continue reading "Wine Pull Raffle: A Simple & Profitable Fundraising Idea for Events!"

Mar 07, 2014

Profitable Fundraising Auctions: With the Best Ideas, Tips & Resources

For years now, Fundraising Auctions have been a lucrative fundraiser for many causes. Use these brilliant ideas, tips, & resources to run successful auctions...

Continue reading "Profitable Fundraising Auctions: With the Best Ideas, Tips & Resources"

Mar 06, 2014

Cause Marketing - Fundraising with Businesses:

Cause Marketing is a fundraising term that is highly misunderstood. Most people seem to think that it is the marketing of a cause, which is of course wrong!

Cause Marketing is simply, "Fundraising with Businesses" - Not funding from businesses or corporate sponsorship, but actually fundraising with them. It's a partnership that has mutual benefit.

And it's a method of fundraising that holds some super potential - From multi-million dollar campaigns, to campaigns raising a few extra thousand dollars with a local business.

But it's also a method of fundraising that I have very little experience and knowledge on.

But thankfully for your sake...

I've been lucky enough to have Joe Waters, the grand master of Cause Marketing, step in to provide the required information for you to understand what this fantastic fundraising method is and to get you started with it.

Last week I posted his guest article, Cause Marketing - Fundraising's Most Misunderstood Term.

Joe explains clearly what Cause Marketing is and how you can fundraise with businesses. He gives some fantastic ideas and advice on how to get started, and how to find businesses to partner with.

I highly recommend you read his article and seriously consider adding this type of fundraising to your campaign.

I've also been reading his latest book on the subject, "Fundraising with Businesses: 40 New (and Improved!) Strategies for Nonprofits", and am absolutely loving it. Definitely find out more about it on Joe's blog.

Mar 05, 2014

Fun Fundraising Ideas - Unique Fundraisers

Here are some fun fundraising ideas that you can use to bring in those much needed funds and have a ball of fun at the same time!

Continue reading "Fun Fundraising Ideas - Unique Fundraisers"

Mar 04, 2014

List of Fundraising Ideas

Find profitable and rewarding Fundraisers quick and easy, through this quick access list of Fundraising ideas at

Continue reading "List of Fundraising Ideas"

Feb 28, 2014

Unique Fundraising Ideas: Crazy, Cool, FUN & Profitable

The best & most Unique Fundraising Ideas that are a sure fire way of raising great funds! Increase your profitability with these fun, simple, cool & fast ideas...

Continue reading "Unique Fundraising Ideas: Crazy, Cool, FUN & Profitable"

Feb 27, 2014

DoJiggy Fundraising Software: Phenomenal Fundraising Power

Dojiggy is a highly popular fundraising software provider that has some phenomenal fundraising solutions! Here's how they can help your fundraising...

Continue reading "DoJiggy Fundraising Software: Phenomenal Fundraising Power"

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