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Fundraising: 3 Things for you to do...
August 22, 2016


A happy Monday to you my friend.

I have 3 things for you to do today...


Check out these 10 super simple fundraising ideas - Sometimes the most simple and easy ideas can be the most effective fundraisers.


Buy this book and read it a hundred times!

Why? ... The Generosity Network may be the highest rated fundraising book on amazon (reason 1), but it's also one of the most powerful fundraising books you'll ever read - and will likely change the way you think about fundraising (for the better)!

Here's what a couple readers have said about it...

“No one knows the art of fundraising, from both sides of the table, like Jennifer McCrea and Jeff Walker. In a time that demands new thinking and innovative approaches to fundraising, I’m delighted they’ve now made their unparalleled wisdom and call to action available in the form of this wonderful, invaluable book that promises to transform what it means to be a nonprofit leader and partner."

"The Generosity Network brings the reader into a wonderful world of authentic relationships, authentic partnerships, and a highly effective approach for people who want to do good things in the world and have fun doing it."

Spend some time reading through the reviews on Amazon and you'll understand just why you should get this book.


And lastly, tell us your Fundraising Success story.

Have you had a successful fundraiser this last year? If yes, then please boast to us about it and help inspire others who have started the daunting task of fundraising.


Till next week, happy fundraising.

-Rob Hampson

PS.10 Easy Fundraising Ideas - Go find that simple fundraiser that will be super successful for your cause!

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