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96,000 Raised in a Month from This Fundraiser! You Can Too...
June 03, 2014


Want to hear a great little success story?

Well the Liberty Bible Academy setup their annual Walkathon Fundraiser through a Dojiggy Walkathon/Pledge website in April and I've been following their fundraiser closely...

And they fundraised over $96,000 in just over a month during their campaign drive.

With a goal of $100,000, I'd say that's a pretty successful fundraiser, even though they just fell short of the goal.

Check out their Walkathon Fundraising website here.

Another Walkathon Event that is on its way to reaching its fundraising goal is the Rolling Along The River Walk & Roll-a-thon 2014, check it out.

So can you duplicate their fundraising success?

Of course, but it will take organization, hard work, and some motivation for your supporters and participants...

Holding a Successful Walkathon Fundraiser:

There are many aspects to holding a successful Walkathon. Firstly you must make sure that you never underestimate the work involved. This is a big potential fundraiser, but it does take focused work.

Then there are these general aspects to organize effectively...

  • Recruit an Event Committee & Volunteers
  • Setup to-do Lists and Delegate Jobs
  • Find & Plan a Course
  • Develop Event Material - Shirts, Banners, Registration Goodie Bags, etc.
  • Acquire Sponsorships
  • Promote & Find Participants/Teams
  • Encourage & Teach Participants How To Fundraise
  • Thank

Read the Walkathon Fundraiser article here for some in depth advice on all the above aspects... Plus find some other great resources for running a successful Walkathon!!!

It's a truly great fundraising idea.

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Why? Simply because they are products that people actually want and buy every month anyway! Definitely check out their fundraising programs on the above page.

Penny Drive Fundraiser

A Penny Drive is simple fundraiser that you can get very creative with, raise good funds, and create great publicity for your organization and cause.

You'll find some great ideas, tips, and advice for successful Penny Drive Fundraising on this page.

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Rob Hampson

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