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With What?
March 06, 2017

A happy Monday to you.

So many people have been mailing in recently asking about product-based or sales-based fundraisers, and what product is the best to use.

With WHAT should I fundraise?

Unfortunately it's not a straight forward answer and will always depend on your cause and supporter base. What would specifically sell best to your audience?

BUT - The product MUST BE 1 of 2 things for you to fundraise successfully...

  1. It must be an Anyway Product - Meaning that people must be buying it anyway. It's then simple to convince them to purchase from your fundraiser as they will already be buying the product, but through you they get to support a great cause for that purchase.
  2. Or it must be really Unique/Creative - If people are not already buying it, the product has to be really cool, interesting or unique for them to want it, and for you to actually make any sales.

And if you can get a product that covers both, then you've got a real winner. For example a Noir Naturals Soap Fundraiser does exactly that - which is the article I stole the above 2 bullet points from :-)

Soap is a product that everyone uses, and their specific soaps are unique and provide a great point of discussion for their sale!

And that's a winning combination. Check out my review on them for more info, or take a look through their website.

So to recap:

When asking what would sell best to YOUR audience - Always consider if the product is targeted to your supporters and whether is a common enough product that everyone has to have OR whether it's unique and awesomely-cool enough to sell.

Till next time, happy fundraising!


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