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Fundraiser Buzz! Weekly Report - Build a Following Through a Website
May 15, 2012

Weekly Report

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Issue #010 - Building a Following Through a Website!

Build a Following Through a Website:

A website in my opinion is your base headquarters online. It's the place where your organization can provide all the necessary in-depth info about your cause.

All other online platforms should lead to your website.

Obviously you'll want your website to be found by the Search Engines and you'll be able to gain new supporters this way. But if you want to grow a following with your website, you'll need it to be sticky and have a method for supporters to keep track of what's happening on it.

Firstly you'll be able to do this through the other platforms you use online, like posting updates on Facebook and Twitter... But you should also provide a RSS feed for visitors to subscribe to.

RSS simply means Really Simple Syndication and is an easy way for supporters to follow your website's updates. Once someone subscribes to your RSS feed they will see all your new pages/post or updates on their RSS reader and will be one click away from reading the full post on your website.

It can be really effective and is the thing that made blogs so popular. So build your website and provide that RSS feed so that you can build a following through it!

Find out more about setting up a fundraising website here.

Learning Resources:

If you use Foundation Grants to fundraise then on Thursday you'll want to tune into this webinar on "Winning Grants: Finding and Approaching Foundations to Fund Your Nonprofit Organization", but book your spot now before they're all gone!

Then you'll also want to register for next week Wednesday's webinar on "How to Find New Donors for Your Nonprofit Now: How to find, engage and retain your nonprofit donors". It's a fundraising webinar that you don't want to miss out on!

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