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July 11, 2016

(Don't miss the important Fundraising Articles at the bottom of this email.)

When I first started Rewarding Fundraising Ideas and this newsletter, I NEVER EVER dreamed it would get this big.

I simply wanted to start sharing the info, knowledge and experience I had gained through my fundraising efforts... and help others find the right fundraising solutions for their needs. Essentially short-cut the learning process I had to take.

I never dreamed that 6 years later...

RFI would be receiving between 2000 and 3000 unique readers every day...

And that over 4500 subscribers would be receiving this email newsletter every week.

It's become a great website and for much of it, I have YOU TO THANK! Your feedback, suggestions, and ideas have helped me grow it into the website it is today.

So thank you!!!


Today marks the beginning of a few changes I will be making over the coming months.

Firstly... The Fundraiser Buzz newsletter will be sent out on Monday's from now on. This is due mainly to the requests you have sent in... So Monday's it is.

Secondly... I am transitioning my email host across to ConvertKit at the moment, which means that some of you may receive this email twice. If that is the case, my apologies... I will hopefully have that resolved soon.

And lastly... At some point in the next few months I will be redesigning the look and feel of the website. It's time to modernize!

There are some more changes coming but I will let you know about them closer to the time.

Once again thank you for helping me make Rewarding Fundraising Ideas an awesome resource!

Now for some fundraising...

Fundraising Reading for This Week:

Do you use Donation Boxes? Could you be using them? Here's some great advice on where, what & how to use Donation Boxes effectively.

The Agitator is running a great series at the moment on the "Donor Journey", and this weeks post is a must-read - Starting Over #4: Understanding Donor Identity.

And then I had a refresher on Donor-Centered fundraising through one of Pamela's Grow's old posts: Do you Fundraise like her Grandmother?

It's great reading!

All the best with you fundraising.

Regards, -Rob

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