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Can this eBook Double Your Fundraising Dollars
February 25, 2014

Can this eBook Double
Your Fundraising Dollars?


The Almanac of Fundraising Ideas, an eBook by Joe Didonato, claims to be able to double your funds raised. It's quite a claim and is something that every fundraising person wishes to do!

So the important question is - can it actually do it?

Let's first remember that every fundraiser and idea is only ever as good as YOU make it. So even if you have the best idea, with the best advice and guidance, if YOU don't do it effectively, it'll be a failure.

So with that in mind, do I think that this eBook can help an effective fundraising person or committee to double the funds they raise?

The simple answer is yes!

After reading it, and then re-reading it, I've got to say it's probably the most comprehensive fundraising ideas book I've ever read.

It has a huge range of quality fundraising ideas that are presented in a way to help you make the best decision on which fundraisers will be best for your cause and organization.

Joe then provides some brilliant advice on how to make all those ideas highly effective and profitable.

If used properly, this eBook definitely has the potential to double your fundraising dollars. And I would definitely recommend you add it to your fundraising library.

You can read my full review of the Almanac of Fundraising Ideas here. Be sure to add your own comments or feelings on the book in the comment box there as well.

Or go here for more info on it and to get your copy.

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Rob Hampson

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