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February 04, 2014

What Do You Want To Know?

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I've just had the most fun weekend taking part in the Eston Primary School 'Color Fun Run Fundraiser'! It got a bit messy and I'm still trying to wash the paint off my skin and out my hair, but it was totally worth it!

It ended up being a great success for them as well, even though it was their first attempt at it... Expect a post on this fun fundraising event soon!

January has also been a productive month and there've been quite a few new articles posted on RFI plus a free PDF Guide that you can download.

But First: Help Me, Help You...

By letting me know what information you want? Are there specific ideas or fundraising types that you are looking for?

Are there questions you have? What information do you want to receive when I send out the Fundraiser Buzz ezine?

Help me add value to you by letting me know what it is you're looking for, and what information you most want! Please reply to this email or contact me via the RFI Contact Form with your answers, requests, and questions!


Now onto January's new additions...

New Additions To RFI:

44 Creative School Fundraising Ideas

This is a super cool list of creative, unique, and profitable fundraising ideas for Schools (plus almost any organization in fact).

It's an article you just have to check out, browse through, and bookmark!

The Top 5 Individual & Personal Fundraising Ideas

Many of you fundraise on an individual capacity, and this post has the best 5 ideas that you could possibly use!!!

Online Fundraising Page Guide

One of those top 5 Personal fundraisers is the Online Donation, or Crowdfunding, Fundraiser. It is the first fundraising idea that all individuals should consider, and more than likely should hold regardless of the other fundraisers that they set up!

This page teaches you in a simplified way, the 10 Steps needed to setup and hold a successful Crowdfunding campaign!

It's Also Available as a PDF Download...

You can download the Online Donation Fundraising Guide for Free, to print out and refer to throughout your fundraising campaign.

Valentine Fundraising Ideas

As I'm sure you know, Valentines is just around the corner, and there are quite a few creative ways of raising funds because of this romantic day.

It might not fit to fundraise on the actual day, but there are many Valentine Themed ideas that you could use around the 14th of Feb, so definitely check it out!

The Almanac of Fundraising Ideas

This is a book review of one of the most comprehensive Fundraising Ideas books that I have ever read. I definitely recommend you take a read!

Flip Flop Fundraiser

And finally we have the summer Flip Flop fundraiser. Learn what the fundraising potential is, who it might work for, and how to increase your profits and success!

Now it's time to move on to some Visitor Contributions....

Visitor Contributions:

Holiday Ornament Fundraising Success - Submitted by H. Ferguson (Jacksonville, FL)

Fundraising Without Fundraisers, A Book by Pam Hogan

Fundraising With Something Everyone Uses - Soap! - Submitted by Charles Kennedy (Ponchatoula, LA, USA)

Great Fundraising Ideas For Church Groups - Submitted by Gary Gardiner (Boston, Mass.)

Interesting External Articles:

As always there have been some superb posts in the Blogoshpere...

Starting off with one of my favorite Fundraising Professionals, Pamela Grow, and this post on 'Nonprofit donor retention | The cheapest way to fundraise.'

That then led me onto this great sample donation Thank You letter that also works as a welcome pack, take a look.

Then there's The Why and How of Listening to Your Donors from FundraisingSuccessMag.

And finally Nancy Schwartz reviews Joe Waters' new book, 40 Ways to Fundraise with Businesses!

I'll be providing more info on this book by my favourite Cause Marketing PRO soon as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Until next time. Happy Fundraising!

Rob Hampson

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