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2015 - The Year to HIT your Fundraising Goals
January 20, 2015


And welcome to 2015!

Are you ready? Grab a coffee, and let's get stuck into the new fundraising year.

Is this the year you're going to make your fundraising super successful? Will you find new donors? Will you retain more donors? Will you be more donor-centric?

And your Fundraising Event was reasonably successful last year... Are you going to make it even more effective this year?

How about your Board? Will you help them play a better role in 2015?

Is 2015 going to be the year you hit your fundraising goals?!

I certainly hope that is the case. So! Let's get you off to a good start...

Here are some brilliant articles for a successful start to 2015 fundraising:

And what about fundraising ideas?...

New Fundraising Ideas:

Here are a few new fundraising ideas (and an older idea) to help you make 2015 even more successful...

1. T Shirt Crowdfunding - An Unusual & Unique Idea:

I often highly recommend Crowdfunding to many small and individual causes. It's a great way to setup a risk-free fundraiser, which has really big potential, and that is relatively easy to promote...

And now you can combine a Crowdfunding Campaign with the popular T Shirt Fundraiser. You simply...

  1. Setup a FREE fundraising page with a T Shirt Crowdfunding platform.

  2. Design your T Shirts.

  3. Set a T Shirt price (which dictates your fundraising amount per shirt sold).

  4. Set a Goal.

  5. And then launch and promote effectively.

Find out more about Crowdfunding with T Shirts here.

2. Spin-a-Thon:

Spin-a-Thons have recently become a really popular fundraising event, thanks to spinning becoming a popular training exercise over the past decade.

People love to stay fit and if it raises funds for a great cause, then even better!!!

It works in much the same way as a Walkathon, and as with all "pledge" based events, has incredible fundraising potential. Definitely check it out and consider it for your next fundraising drive.

3. Wall-Stuck:

This is such a simple fundraiser that it doesn't even need an elaborate page to tell you how to do it...

Simply charge a fee for lengths of duck tape that participants can use to stick a high profile volunteer (like the principal of your School), to the wall. It's an absolute hit fundraiser for schools!

This idea featured on the highly popular "10 Unusual Fundraising Ideas" post, which you can read here.

It's one of the most popular articles on Rewarding Fundraising Ideas and is gaining huge popularity on Pinterest...

Check out the shares (repins) and likes of this pin to see just how incredibly popular it is.

4. The Trivia Night Fundraiser:

Want a fun event that has great fundraising potential? Will bring in new supporters and donors? And will help you build deeper relationships with current supporters?

Then a Trivia Evening is definitely a great option. If you haven't downloaded the FREE Trivia Fundraising Guide, now is the time.

And Don't Forget To Read These Important Pages:

And that's it for this month. All the best with your fundraising endeavors.

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Until next time. Happy Fundraising!

Rob Hampson

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