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What Makes a Fundraiser Successful?
August 06, 2013


Have you ever wondered what makes a fundraiser successful?

I'm not talking about how to measure if your fundraiser has been a success, but rather what factors turn your fundraiser into a success.

And there are generally four things!

You can obviously elaborate and explore those four factors deeper, but on a general sense these are the four factors you need to be thinking about!

So, do you want to find out what those four factors are? Then take a read here...

So What's New to RFI This Last Month...

An Incredible Interview With Pamela Grow:

Pamela Grow is one of the most influential and highly read fundraising teachers on the web, and this interview provides some superb information!

Focusing on aspects surrounding Writing Grant Proposals, you will digest some invaluable info and advice... Plus find out more about how Pam got started in the industry, etc.

5 Of The Best Ways to Raise Money:

The title should say it all...

Here are 5 of the most effective ways of raising funds for any cause!

And a Sample Donation Letter:

This is a simple fundraising letter that can be used as a guideline for small fundraising asks and sponsorships requests.

The example organization is a school but it can be adapted to any type of fundraising cause.

Just make sure you use it as a guideline and do not copy word for word. You need your own voice and story in your fundraising letters for them to be successful!

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Rob Hampson

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