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Fundraiser Buzz! Weekly Report - Using Online Fundraising Auctions?
March 27, 2012

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Issue #006 - 27 March 2012

Are You Using Online Fundraising Auctions?

Online Auctions are one of my favourite fundraising ideas.

They are essentially more suitable for larger organizations or groups, but can be amazingly profitable!

The key to successful Online Auction fundraisers is to have brilliant auction items and to promote the fundraiser really effectively.

Quality items will ensure that people actually bid at your auction. The better the items, the more competitive the bidding will be, the higher the bidding will go, and therefore the more funds you will raise.

As for promoting your online auction... If you don't, no one will see the great items you have and will therefore not bid on anything.

The bottom line is the more people you get to your Online Auctions, the more people who will bid. And if you've got great items, the higher those bids will go.

So, make sure you find and auction off the best auction items you can acquire. Then promote your online auction as effectively as possible.

To set up an Online Auction visit Dojiggy Online Auctions...

Or for more advice on running your Online Auctions effectively go here.

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