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Re: Raise 3 Times More
December 03, 2015


Firstly, it's finally the end of November and I can shave my Movember off! Yessss!!!

Retro-look done; Money donated to the Cancer Society; but I'm still scratching my head at how people like having a moustache. It was so irritating and scratchy that I almost lost my mind :-)

Anyway I'm all back to normal now and ready to move on to this week's newsletter item. My friends over at Fundrazr have got a great post for your fundraising...

How to Pitch your Fundraising Story to the Media - & Why you Should!

The why is easy...

"Statistics suggest that campaigns that receive news coverage (either online or offline) raise 2 to 3 times more than campaigns that don't. Furthermore, campaigns with news coverage also receive more anonymous donations."

To find out the how to, then read the article.

All the best with your fundraising! And remember to leave them your thoughts and ideas on the article in their comment section at the bottom.


Rob Hampson

PS. I posted a new post myself this week... but I've already told you about how awesome the Online T Shirt Fundraiser is, so I didn't think a full newsletter calling it out again would be necessary.

But if you haven't read about this brilliant fundraising idea before, you can read about it now.

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