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Silent Auctions: Want to Learn How to Run One Profitably?
July 08, 2014


If you hadn't realized yet, I am an auction and raffle fundraiser fan. Raffles and auctions have...

  • Fantastic fundraising potential,
  • Can fit into any fundraising event,
  • But can also be run as a standalone fundraiser,
  • And are often very simple to setup!

And a Silent Auction is one of my favorites...

But, although this great idea has really big fundraising potential and other benefits, it takes a considerable amount of organizing and work to successfully complete!

So go here to find out, step-by-step, how to organize and run a profitable Silent Auction Fundraiser.

Be sure to leave a comment if you have any tips or ideas yourself!

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Just sell raffle tickets for a prize amount of 50% of the proceeds raised from ticket sales.

101 Fundraising Ideas

This article is a MUST read and MUST BOOKMARK page. It's an incredible resource of brilliant fundraising ideas all linking to deeper articles on fundraising successfully with those ideas.

Quite honestly I should charge for that article or sell it as an eBook. But hey... I love giving you stuff for free!

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If the answer is yes, then this 12 week fundraising guide from a list of the best fundraising experts around is a definite must have. Read my review to find out more!

So do you have any...

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Until next time. Happy Fundraising!

Rob Hampson

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