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Fundraiser Buzz! Weekly Report - smNPchat Pearls On Employee Retentio
April 18, 2012

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Issue #008 - 17 April 2012

#smNPchat Pearls On Employee Retention Strategies:

Every second Friday the highly informative Small Non-Profit Chat on Twitter takes place. It's really worthwhile following and taking part in if you can contribute any good comments.

It was setup by Pamela Grow, a Nonprofit professional who I have learnt so much from (read my review of her excellent Writing Grant Proposals book here), and is attended by fundraisers and fundraising professionals from all around the world. If you don't follow it, it’s time you start taking part.

Last week's subject was on Employee Retention Strategies and I've taken a few pearls out for your benefit...

Q1 was: What types of situations have you come across in terms of nonprofit employee attrition?

Via @IanMAdair - Young professionals are willing to move around to get to the next level professionally, instead of working way up at 1 org.

Via @nimbyist - In reply to @IanMAdair: Often there's a truth or perception that they can't move their way up within same org.

Do you have this problem within your organization? Let me know by replying to this email!

Q2 was: How does the org keep staff communication open, especially between the exec and rest of staff?

Via @IanMAdair - Scheduled meetings, but also informal/social activities (bbq, volunteer proj.) that allow for a better flow of communication.

Via @SandiRaleigh - How does org keep staff communication open? A super casual staff meeting with an "Ask me Anything" session with the President.

Q3 was: What does the org do to help break through silos? (Ownership can be a problem!)

Via @TonyMartignetti - Cross training can help a lot in breaking down silos.

Via @LWClay - Senior management must get out from behind their desk & informally mix w/ rank & file.

Via @IanMAdair - Cross train & promote prof. dev. I think NPOs are looking more for hybrid employees now that meet several needs (cut cost).

Q4 was: What are some free or low cost ways you've encountered to make staff feel appreciated?

Via @nimbyist - Taking the time to say thank you - a lot of staff go way beyond to ensure success!

Via @nimbyist - Invite someone who benefits from the org's work to come and speak to everyone about impact.

Via @IanMAdair - Cookouts, potlucks, starting day or ending week with email of appreciation, certificates/recognition for doing great work.

Via @Fundraise_Ideas - My reply to @IanMAdair: Email of appreciation is alright, but nothing beats appreciation done face to face or atleast over the phone.

Via @TonyMartignetti - I think it's better done during office hours: "Let's quit work at 3 and go out." An afternoon off.

Via @PamelaGrow - In reply to @TonyMartignetti: I like the idea of an afternoon off. Even a glass of wine...depends on the situation.

Via @Fundraise_Ideas - It really boils down to 2 things - Appreciation & Recognition. How might depend on ur staff. Maybe get some feedback from them

Two other non-question specific pearls...

Via @GPtekkie - Start each person with a plan - invest & develop them personally, think long-term, give what they need to succeed = #nfp retention

Via @GPtekkie - If you're a leader/manager, walk slowly down the halls. Lead frank and productive conversation in meetings. Focus on solutions.

Got any points you'd like to add to these? Then please send them in by replying to this email.

Make sure you join in on the next #smNPchat chat. It's going to be about Corporate Sponsorships with guest expert Mazarine Treyz!

Learning Resources:

Do you get confused with figures and metrics? Need to track your online effectivitey but really don't know how to? Then you definitely don't want to miss out on this Wenbinar on the 18th April led by JD Lasica: Metrics Don't Bite! Energize Your Nonprofit With a Meaningful Metrics Program.

Then Pamela Grow, the professional who runs the above #smNPchat chat, is holding a webinar on Writing Winning Grants on April 19th. This one you don't want to miss out on.

Then there's the latest Movie Mondays video that I really enjoyed about The Dark Side. (Unfortunately this video is no longer available.)

And finally next week (Monday 23rd) you'll want to attend the free webinar on Sharing Your Fundraising Message So You Raise More Money.

Not To Forget...

Yesterday I emailed you about the 100 Donors In 90 Days program... Make sure you don't miss out on it!

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I really hope you have enjoyed reading the Fundraiser Buzz! weekly report, and I look forward to producing the next addition.

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Rob Hampson

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