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Get Excited About Water Bottle Fundraising
February 05, 2013


We're fast approaching Valentine's Day and I hope that you've recognized the many opportunities of fundraising on and before that romance filled Thursday.

Flowers, Gift Cards/Baskets, Gift Wrapping, Sweets, Candy Bars, etc... You name it!

It should be something you're thinking about and planning towards. If you do have any fundraising ideas that you're thinking of using for Valentine's day, then let us know about them by replying to this email!

It's also a day that you can use to develop stronger online relationships with your followers and supporters.

What posts are you going to be using on your Social Media pages? Is there a great image that will get likes and comments? And can you tie your cause's purpose or need into those posts?

Definitely some food for thought!

Water Bottle Fundraising - An Idea That Excites Me

So last week I released the Fundraising With Water Bottles idea, and for those of you that have read it you'll realize that it's an idea I'm quite excited about!

I initially hadn't put much thought into it until Custom Water Bottles contacted me to let me know about their fundraising program.

I then did my usual due diligence on the idea and the whole program, and it really caught my attention.

  1. Firstly it's a product that all your supporters will most likely be buying and using at your events anyway. Plus there are many other opportunities at other events and through other means, to sell your bottles.

  2. You'll also raise further funds through advertising off the bottles. This, in the least will cover the cost of your bottled water, and will then mean that all sales are pure profit.

  3. And lastly you'll raise organization, brand or cause awareness from your logo on all the bottles you sell (or give out)!

Pretty nifty idea hey! Read more about running it successfully here...

Promoting Your Fundraisers:

I'm going to be releasing an article on Promoting Fundraisers in the next few weeks and I'd love to hear about any great ideas for marketing a fundraiser that you may have.

Reply to this mail or use the Contact Form on RFI to let us know your idea.

Obviously also include what type of fundraiser the promotion idea is for and if you've successfully used it before!

So do you have any...

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you. Reply to this e-zine and let me know what you think. Thanks!

If you have found this to be of use, please tell friends about at Facebook and Twitter, or (if you have one) in your blog, or website, etc.

Until next time. Happy Fundraising!

Rob Hampson

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