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Gift Basket Fundraiser

Like so many creative fundraising ideas, the gift basket fundraiser is extremely versatile and can be run in a few different ways.

It is a fantastic fundraising idea for schools, churches and other small non-profit groups!

And yes, all the ways are profitable and rewarding...

  1. The first way is through a Gift Basket Raffle Or Auction! The fun, exciting and involving version!
  2. The second way is through a Gift Basket Service. The slightly more laborious, yet continuous fund generating fundraiser.
  3. And the third and final way is through online promotion of a gift basket service. This is affiliate fundraising!

Which Gift Basket Fundraiser you use, will totally depend on your cause and circumstances.

For Schools and organizations that have different groups (like a sports club with many teams), I think the gift basket raffle will be very successful.

But if you have a successful fundraising website that generates a lot of traffic, than an affiliate fundraising Gift Basket campaign might be a good idea as well.

Let's have a look at them...

Gift Basket Fundraiser -
To Raffle Or Auction:

This is such a great fundraising idea for schools as it will take a small bit of effort and involvement from everyone!

Each class will be responsible for creating a gift basket. Each child, with their parents help, should supply a gift that represents his/her class's gift theme.

The same will apply to other types of groups and you will just have to adapt it into you organization.

Then the classes will arrange and wrap their baskets in a presentable fashion, ready to be auctioned or raffled off.

Of course, you should have already decided whether you will auction or raffle the baskets off!

Recommended Resource:

Raffle Secrets eBook

I personally prefer raffles, but if you have the right type of supporters (parents), and your Gift Baskets are great value...

Then an auction can be highly successful!

Another great option would be to use an online auction to auction your baskets off.

The really great thing about this creative fundraising idea is that it will already have great exposure from the setup, as most people in your organization would have had some part in putting it together.

But still make sure you promote your Gift Basket Fundraiser properly on your fundraising website, through your newsletters, and on your Twitter and Facebook pages!

Gift Basket Fundraising - Creative Fundraisers. Learn more on this successful fundraiser... (Photo by John McAlister on

Basket Themes:

To make this gift basket fundraiser really great you will want to make the best and most desirable gift baskets, right?!?

So picking some great themes is essential!

Be creative and think about what your members and supporters would really enjoy.

Some themes you could use are...

Picnic - Health & Beauty - Sports - Pamper Pack - Travel - Summer - Kid's Toys - Exotic.

Gifting Basket Service:

Often the best fundraising ideas are ones that will constantly raise you funds.

Do you have a large supporter's base? Do they like giving out gifts?

Well then a gift basket service might be a really great fundraising idea!

Already made gift baskets are often easier and more convenient than having to pick a present or make a gift basket yourself.

So when there's a service easily available for this and it means you get to support a good cause by using it, than it is definitely something you'd consider using!

A good idea would be to read up about starting a home-based gift basket business.

This eBook called "Starting a Gift Basket Business" is the perfect resource to get your gift basket fundraiser service off and running!

(This type of fundraising is called Social Enterprizing; read more about it in this excellent interview with Sarah Hewitt)

A Gift Basket service can work really well and it will constantly bring in funds... but it will need someone to run it and it can be time-consuming.

To make it really rewarding you could look at combining it with a Gift Wrap service!

Gift Basket Affiliate Fundraising:

I love Internet fundraising ideas and affiliate fundraising can be highly successful.

But you do need to do some research and know what you are doing to make it successful.

This gift basket fundraiser can work really well if you have a successful fundraising website that has a lot of traffic.

And if you are already running an affiliate fundraising campaign it would be a good affiliate type to add to your campaign.

It is pretty similar to the gift basket service except that instead of doing the gift baskets yourself, you will recommend a gift basket company through your website and your other online communications.

Then when someone buys a gift basket from that company through your recommending link, you will earn a commission for that sale!

You will first need to sign up to an affiliate program that offers gift baskets. To find one you can use a simple Google search below...

(A Tip: When doing a Google search, type the word affiliate with a plus sign before as well as the phrase gift basket with a plus sign before it. Ex. +affiliate +gift basket)

Other Gift Basket Uses:

You could also use Gift baskets as prizes at different fundraising events or as gifts to say thank you to volunteers and helpers.

It can also be used as a high donation reward for your online donations fundraising campaign. Also known as Crowdfunding.

A great way to encourage people to donate!

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