Gift Wrap Fundraisers

There are two main types of Gift Wrap Fundraisers... They are simple fundraising ideas that are also rewarding and profitable.

Plus both of them are perfect Christmas Fundraisers!

So what are these Fundraising Ideas...

1. The first is by selling wrapping paper to members and supporters!

2. The second is through a Gift Wrap Service.

Gift Wrap Fundraiser - A Fantasticly Wrapped Gift. Learn how to Fundraise with this idea... (Photo by Judson Dunn / Flickr)

And why are they such great fundraisers?

The simple answer is that they are must buy and do anyway fundraisers! This means that people will have to buy wrapping paper and wrap their gifts anyway, with or without your fundraiser...

So why not provide that must have service or product for everyone, and raise funds from it!

Here's how...

Wrapping Paper Fundraiser:

The wrapping paper fundraiser will be simpler to run and a bit less hassle...

But you could possibly raise more funds with a gift wrap service.

With this fundraiser you will raise funds by selling wrapping paper to your members, supporters, and anyone needing wrapping paper... Which is almost everyone!!!

To read more about running this gift wrap fundraising idea go to the wrapping paper fundraiser page.

Gift Wrap Fundraiser - Wrapping Gifts. Learn more... (Photo by Manchester Library / Flickr)

Gift Wrap Fundraiser:

For this fundraising idea you are going to need some permanent volunteers to wrap gifts during the fundraiser!

Obviously you will only hold it during certain times of the year, like around the festive season!

What you will do is set a service up that will wrap gifts for your members, supporters and locals.

You will need wrapping paper, cello tape, scissors, gift cards, envelopes, possibly ribbons, and of course some volunteers to help out.

Be creative and exciting with your wrapping (and decorating of gifts), so that people really appreciate the service you provide!

Like the wrapping paper fundraiser, try get the wrapping paper at wholesale price or at the cheapest you can get it. But obviously don't buy poor quality products!

Use a simple Google search below to find a gift wrap supplier...

Create Some Exposure:

You will need people to know about your fundraiser for you to raise some money!

So make sure you advertise it and raise enough awareness for it...

Make sure you read Jack Atwell's eBook "Let's Raise Money". He has some invaluable advice on creating exposure for your fundraisers. Plus other great advice on fundraising!

Use his ideas and some the ideas below...

You should start with word of mouth though your volunteers and members! Word of mouth is probably the most powerful form of advertising!

Then advertise your Gift Wrap Fundraisers on your fundraising website, through your newsletters, your Facebook page and Twitter page.

Ask local businesses to place posters on their walls and hand out flyers to their employees and customers.

And finally use some local newsgroups and newspapers. Preferably for free!

Wrapping Up:

These gift wrap fundraisers will need your creativity.

The more creative you are and the more fun you have with these fundraisers, the more funds you will raise!

So create some excitement with it; do some work; have some fun; and raise some money!!!

These are two seriously simple fundraisers that can work so well! All you need to do is apply yourself

I wish you all the best of luck!

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