Candy Bar Fundraising – A Natural Craving!

The best thing about candy bar fundraising is that candy bars are something that so many people crave... YES CRAVE!

They just can't resist it, especially if they know they're helping raise funds for a good cause at the same time.

It's what makes it such a great fundraising product.

In fact there are just so many great things about chocolate candy bar fundraising.

Great Aspects Like...

  1. They're Popular – Most people love Chocolates or Candy Bars!
  2. Profitable – Many supplying companies offer excellent profit margins.
  3. Not Expensive – A cheap way for people to help out your cause.
  4. Has a Wide Demand! - Is wanted by all ages and both sexes! So you can make sales to the kids, the parents and the grandparents.
  5. Widely Fit Able - Chocolate Fundraising can fit in with any Fundraising campaign, event, or can even be a standalone Fundraiser.
  6. Simple Enough To Sell! - It's not the hardest thing on earth to sell, now is it?

Candy Bar Fundraising: It's a popular and profitable fundraising idea. (Photo by Anthony Easton / Flickr)

So if you decide to run a Candy bar fundraiser, you'll obviously want to make it as profitable as possible!

Yes, always maximize your profitability. Let's find out how...

Maximizing Your Candy Bar Fundraising:

There are two main ways of doing this...

  1. Pick the right supplier,
  2. And make sure your sales team knows how to SELL! Eg. Teaching and rehearsing a great sales pitch!

Getting The Most Out
Of Your Sales Team:

I'd suggest that you read the food fundraiser guidelines (the incentive and sales pitch sections; plus the rest of the guidelines), to learn how to prepare and get the most out of sales team.

You'll also learn a lot about fundraising sales through this excellent eBook.

There is one tip from the guidelines that I'd like to mention here…

Offering incentives! Like prizes etc., to your sales teams for high volumes of sales or best five sellers!

This is the best way of boosting sales, especially if you offer really great prizes... and if your team includes kids, it's a real winner!!!

Other Sales Boosting Methods:

Promoting and Advertising - You must advertise your candy bar fundraiser as much as possible!

Other than using word of mouth from your sales team, you should also promote through your fundraising website, your newsletters and any other Social Media platforms you use.

Also consider giving an extra bonus to people who buy large amounts.

For example, say that if someone buys 10 bars they'll receive a discount card for a local store. Make sure you include this fact in your sales pitch!

Candy Bar Supplier:

When finding a company to supply your candy bars, consider the ones that will provide the largest profit margin but will still supply decent quality bars.

If you sell poor quality candy bars, no one will buy from you!

For USA and Canadian Fundraisers I'd recommend you get your fundraising Candy Bars from here.

Another great option would be this company.

If you are not from America use a simple Google search below to find a local supplier...

Ending Notes:

Remember to maximize your profits by...

I wish you all the best of luck with you Candy Bar Fundraising!

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