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Super Charity Fundraising Ideas
April 02, 2013


Time flies hey! It's already the fourth month of the year (a quarter through) and I hope that your fundraising campaigns are on track!

It's the perfect time to stop, reflect, and take a look at how your fundraising is progressing. Has your campaign been successful? What, where, and how can you improve your results? And what ideas can you add to increase your bottom line?

You have 9 months left this year... Make them effective!

New Ideas & Articles:

The last month has seen quite a few articles and ideas being added to Rewarding Fundraising Ideas.

Here are some I suggest you check out...

Charity Fundraising Ideas - The Best Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits!

The new Charity Fundraising Ideas section is a must read for everyone. With some brilliant ideas, including acquiring new and major donors, and foundation grants, it will really help boost your fundraising potential.

Then to help with continued success there is great advice on Charity Fundraising here.

Fundraising Cards

There are many different types of Fundraising Cards that can be used for profitable fundraising. Which one you consider using will totally depend on your cause! Check them out!

Knitting for Charity

Knitting for Charity is a great way of supporting a cause and providing for a need, without having to worry about actual cash fundraising. Learn how to do this successfully.

Highly Recommended Fundraising Ideas for Schools

In this article you will find some of the most highly recommended Fundraising Ideas for Schools.

In fact a couple of them are MUST USE fundraisers for schools, especially the first idea!

Scratch Card Fundraiser

Scratch Cards are a brilliant and creative way of getting people to donate to your cause and rewarding them at the same time!

It will be especially effective for groups with multiple fundraising participants.

Charity Badge

A Charity Badge is brilliant way of boosting your fundraising regardless of whether you use the online type or the offline type. Learn what they are!

Car Wash Fundraiser

A Car Wash Fundraiser is a novel idea that has been successfully raising funds for decades! Learn the top tips to holding a super rewarding Car Wash.

So do you have any...

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Until next time. Happy Fundraising!

Rob Hampson

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