Charity Badge

So what is a Charity Badge? And why is it such a popular fundraising phrase?

Firstly, to answer the second question, Charity Badges are two brilliant ways of fundraising that also help with raising awareness for your cause.

It's definitely a phrase you should be adding to your fundraising campaigns!

To answer the first question, a Fundraising Badge is one of two things:

  1. It's either a widget used for a Crowdfunding campaign (online donations) that supporters can put onto their blogs or websites to spread the word...
  2. Or is a fundraising button that your organization sells to supporters.

Let's take a look at how these brilliant items/tools can boost your fundraising...

Crowdfunding Widgets:

Online fundraising is quickly becoming one of the most successful forms of fundraising and there are many ways of doing it. One of those ways is through Donations off a Crowdfunding Website.

And one of the best ways to help promote your donations page is through a Fundraising Widget that supporters can download and place on their own blogs and/or websites.

Just like these widgets below...

For example if you setup a fundraiser on this excellent Crowdfunding/Fundraising website, a Fundraising Widget is automatically created for your fundraiser.

You can then encourage friends, family, colleagues, members, supporters, etc. to download the widget and to place it onto their websites.

OR if you are a Charity that uses Network For Good you can encourage supporters to create their own Charity Widgets with their Badge Creator and to choose your Charity as the beneficiary.

Fundraising For A Charity:

If you're an individual who wants to fundraise for a specific charity, you can use a Charity Widget in 2 ways...

You can either setup your own Crowdfunding page that explains who and what you're fundraising for. (You can actually set up your fundraiser so that funds go directly to your Charity.)

Then you or any of your supporters can use your Widget that is automatically generated when you create a campaign.

OR you can use Network For Good's Charity Badge creator that allows you to choose your favourite Charity for donations to go to.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Widget:

Here are a few tips for your Charity Widget's success...

  • Make sure there is at least one Donation reflecting on the widget when you start promoting it, which means you may need to donate to it yourself.  Bottom line is people like to see that others are also supporting!
  • Make a mention of the Widget in your "fundraising pitch" as another way that people can support.
  • Obviously post the Badge on your own Website or Blog.

  • Mention it when promoting your fundraiser on your Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, newsletter, etc. And also in your offline promoting.
  • Encourage all your contacts that have blogs or websites to place your badge on their sites.
  • Contact Blogs with similar themes to your cause and ask them to support by using your Widget on their sites!

You can also customize your widget to better suite your fundraising campaign and cause!

Charity Badges or Buttons:

The other type of Charity Badge is a physical button that supporters purchase, or receive as thanks for a donation or for supporting.

Fundraising Buttons are the other type of Charity Badges! And they are great fundraising tools. Learn more... (Photo by Riclaf / Flickr)

These fundraising badges are a great way of encouraging people to donate. Recognition is a huge motivating factor for people when considering supporting a cause and a Charity Button helps facilitate with this!

But then the buttons will also raise further awareness for your cause as the supporters who wear them will be broadcasting your cause wherever they go!

For more great tips on Fundraising Buttons read here!

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