Scratch Card Fundraiser

A Scratch Card Fundraiser is a brilliant way of getting people to donate to your cause and rewarding them for their support at the same time!

It's a really quick and easy fundraiser...

You order a bunch of Scratch Cards that you hand out to your fundraising team.

Each card contains 30 or 60 "scratch" dots that have hidden values under them (From free to $2.50 for 60 dot Cards, and $1 to $5 for 30 dot Cards).

Each Scratch Card will then raise $100 for your cause!

60 dot Scratch Card example from

Each card is also accompanied by a bunch of coupon books/sheets that equal the amount of dots on the card, which will then be given to supporters as a reward for participating.

You Then Approach Potential Donors...

Your Fundraising Team then goes out to friends, family, acquaintances, old supporters, the public, etc. and gets them to participate in the fundraiser by scratching a dot from the Card.

The amount that is then displayed under that dot is the amount that the participant has to donate.

In reward of their participation and donation they then receive a free coupon sheet, providing that extra bit of motivation to get people to take part.

Simple, quick and fun!

It's Discount Card Fundraising with the emphasis being on donating and not buying. The Scratch Card Fundraiser is a real winner!

Here come some success tips...

Scratch Card Fundraiser Success Tips:

Although this is a really simple fundraiser to put in place you will still need to be organized. Plan it properly from the beginning to make it as profitable as possible.

And how do you make it profitable? By making sure that all Scratch Cards are completely scratched out and donated to!

Here are some pointers for a profitable fundraiser...  

  • Order the right amount of Cards. If you have too many, you'll lower your profit margins... if you have too few, you'll lose out on potential donations. A good guideline is to have one Scratch Card per Team member.
  • Motivate your Fundraising Team with an incentive prize for completing their Scratch Cards.
  • Teach your Fundraising Team how to get people to participate. They should...
  • 1. Smile...
  • 2. Explain what the fundraiser is for and how it works...
  • 3. And prompt the potential supporter to take part!
  • Then you need to keep accountability on donations taken...

Donation Collections:

This is really important!

You need to keep your fundraising team accountable for the funds they raise, and collect those funds from them on a weekly or daily basis.

The shorter they have those donations on them, the less likely they will be to accidentally spend the money or lose it.


Finally, once you've finished your successful Scratch Card Fundraiser, you should celebrate with your Fundraising Team.

Have a small "get together", dinner or barbeque, and thank them all for their participation.

Having a fundraising celebration is a great way of showing your appreciation but it is also great for building SPIRIT!

Ready to Get Started?

Get your Scratch Card Fundraiser going by starting a 30 dot Scratch Card fundraiser campaign here or a 60 dot Scratch Card Campaign here. (USA & Canada)

You can also grab a FREE fundraising product guide to see what other fundraising options you have.

Another Scratch Card supplier in the USA you could look into is EFI.

Or use a simple Google Search below to find a Scratch Card supplier if you are not from the US...

For more great Fundraising Ideas and fundraising tips read the Fundraising Almanac of Ideas, written by Joe Didanto. It is an incredible fundraising resource that all fundraisers should have a copy of!

Another great book to have is Let's Raise Money by Jack Atwell. Read my review here.

Good luck for your Scratch Card Fundraising!

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