100 Donors in 90 Days

Do you want to find 100 new donors in the next 90 days?


Well then this comprehensive training resource featuring 12 of the top rated fundraising experts is exactly what you need.

When my copy of 100 Donors in 90 Days arrived in the post I had big expectations for what lay inside. But when I began to listen to and read the action guides it completely exceeded my already high expectations.

Quite honestly I was blown away by this 12 week training course and donor acquisition system.

My copy of 100 Donors in 90 Days. A must have for all fundraisers and development directors.

Here's What You Get:

100 Donors in 90 Days comes with 12 audio interviews and action guides from 12 different fundraising experts who's names you most likely recognize.

With specific strategies and steps to take, you will be guided on a weekly basis, on what to do to find 100 new donors in the next 3 months.

Each expert will be your guide for one week and will share their best strategies on how to find new donors.

You should take your time with each interview and carefully read through the action guide, taking notes and adding ideas specific to your organization.

So Who Are These Experts?

They're a combination of the most sought after and influential fundraising advisers on the planet.

Follow the links to find out more about each professional...

Would you like another 100 donors in the next 90 days?! Then let this list of 12 of the best Fundraising Experts teach you how.
  1. Tom Ahern
  2. Gail Perry
  3. Amy Eisenstein
  4. Andrea Kihlstedt
  5. John Haydon
  6. Shanon Doolittle
  7. David Mersky
  8. Mazarine Treyz
  9. Pamela Grow
  10. Ken Burnett
  11. Marc A. Pitman
  12. Kerri Tilby-Price

So Do I Think It Delivers On It's Promise Of 100 New Donors In 90 Days?


And not only from my personal experience of reading and listening to the action guides twice, but also from the many testimonials that have come out from Organizations who have used it to great success!

Like the following two testimonials...

"(100 Donors in 90 Days has) Ideas for every type of fundraising: one-on-one, direct mail, researching a prospect, first contacts, the "ask", etc., are presented in a step-by-step, organized way that makes donor contacts much more effective. Response from donors contacted has been phenomenal... We have 116 new donors. The succinct explanation of "why" and "how" contacts produce best response from donor prospects. This is a blockbuster series, produced for effective fundraising, without the usual "sales pitch". Thanks for making it possible to have information from those who are actually on the front lines and "walking the walk."

Val Walker

"I think "100 Donors" did more than just find new donors for us. It made us realize new donors have been here, and that there are many more to be introduced to our organization. We now have new donors bringing in new donors. It's a great chain reaction! I like the fact that I can refer back to the course and particularly the segments I need, when I need them. As we work on different parts of the Development Plan throughout the year, I can refer back to the part of the course I need."

Kathleen Kowanic
Fund Development Manager for the Mental Health Association in Indian River County

You'll find more under the testimonials tab on the 100 donors in 90 days product page.

My Recommendation:

This is a Donor Acquisition System that every person involved in fundraising should own, listen to, read and continue to use on a monthly basis.

So head over to Nonprofit Best Practices for more info and to order 100 Donors in 90 Days.

You will not be disappointed.

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