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School Fundraising Ideas:

These School Fundraising Ideas are broken down into the following sections...

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7 Recommended Ideas:

1. Pledge Events like a Walkathon
Pledge events hold HUGE potential for a couple of awesome reasons...

  • Firstly they encourage and use participants to individually fundraise for the cause. So it's not just your teams fundraising efforts (sponsorships, brochure advertising, etc.) but every "walker's"/participant's efforts.
  • And secondly, particpants can take pledges for units completed. Eg: $5 for every Mile of walking completed. The more they complete, the more they raise.

Let's do some conservative math: If you recruit 100 walkers, and they each take $5/Mile pledges from 10 people, and they walk 5 Miles each - You'll raise $25,000 purely from your participants efforts.

It's cumulative fundraising. The more participants you recruit, the more pledges they acquire, the more your funds raised grows exponentially!

I highly recommend you read through these Pledge/Walkathon manuals, guides, and form templates for more info on running successful Pledge Events.

2. Apparel Fundraising
Quite simply all Schools should be using Branded Apparel for fundraising. It raises funds and promotes your School at the same time. Also look into using a FREE online Apparel Store.

3. Penny Drive
A simple, tried and tested idea! Have classes compete for some awesome prizes by collecting the most coins/donations during a set period of time.

4. Scratch Cards
A fun way for your students to collect donations and to reward your donors at the same time. Check it out.

5. Raffles
Another simple and successful method of fundraising. A 50/50 Raffle is a great idea to start with if you can't find or buy prizes.

6. Golf Tournament Fundraiser
With so many Golfers always looking for an excuse to play a round, you're on a great wicket with this fundraising event idea!

7. Acquiring and Retaining Donors
It's the fundamental basic of all fundraising campaigns. Be sure to read my thoughts on the 100 Donors in 90 Days fundraising guide - It might be just what you need.

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Internet Ideas:

Social Media Donation Drive
(1) Setup an FREE Online Donation Campaign Page. (2) Use all your students, teachers, and parents to (donate to,) share & promote that campaign page through Social Media. (3) And then collect donations!!!

It's also known as a hassle free fundraiser, check it out.

Online Apparel Store
Setup an online apparel store and sell branded apparel at no cost to your School. Recommended for all Schools.

You can also COMBINE the above 2 ideas through a T Shirt Crowdfunding campaign. It's a brilliant fundraiser! Definitely check it out.

Explode your School fundraising campaign with these brilliant School Fundraising Ideas. (Photo by Melinda Shelton / Flickr)

Unique Content Website Idea
A long term project but which will provide a continuous and sustainable income of funds. Definitely worth some investigation.

Online Auctions
An online auction has many benefits and can be run purely online, or can be used to start the bidding and raise awareness for a Silent Auction.

Online Fundraising Stores
Setup custom online fundraising stores for FREE and sell Magazine Subscriptions and other fundraising products. For example: Check out this awesome online fundraising store program.

Inkjet Cartridge Fundraiser
Either collect used inkjets for recycling and get paid for each inkjet handed in, OR sell and distrubute inkjet cartridges to local businesses, etc. through an affiliate marketing model...

Affiliate Fundraising
Promote merchants and online stores through your online communications, and receive commissions for referred sales and leads.

Quality Online Soap Fundraiser
Through a customized fundraising store!

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General Ideas:

Silent Auction Fundraiser
A brilliant fundraising option that is used successfully every year by my local primary school. I highly recommend you check it out!

School Spirit Fundraiser
Fundraisers that create 'spirit' for your School whilst raising funds!

Fundraising Cards
Different types of fundraising cards like discount cards and scratch cards. Some top quality ways of raising funds for Schools.

Donation Boxes
Learn how to use Donation cans/tins/boxes effectively!

Brick Fundraising
An excellent and innovative idea that can be used both online and off!

School Calendars

The Monopoly Fundraiser
This is a cool and creative idea.

Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift Baskets for Auction & Raffles

Car Raffles
A high end raffle idea that is used to great success by many schools.

Looking for quality School Fundraising Ideas like Car Raffles?! Then check out this list of AWESOME ideas. (Photo by Newtown Grafitti / Flickr)
The Awesomely Simple 50/50 Raffle Fundraiser

These cool scented pencils are superbly popular at schools and also promote green living as they are recycled from newspaper.

Photo Fundraisers

Flocking Flamingos!!!
This has got to be one of the coolest and most fun school fundraising ideas. I recommend you check it out.

T Shirt Fundraisers
One of the main and most popular apparel fundraising items. And don't forget that you can also setup risk-free T Shirt Crowdfunder.

Car Magnets
Sell branded car magnets and stickers to promote your school and raise funds.

Temporary Tattoos
Great for events, fairs, fetes and markets.

Candle Sales

Charity Bracelets
Custom silicon bracelets continue to be popular and it's a great fundraising product to use.

Scrip Fundraising
Sell gift certificates from popular stores for a profit. Read here for extra Scrip Fundraiser Tips.

Fundraising with Businesses
Joe Waters, my favorite Cause Marketing expert, gives 3 of the best ideas for fundraising with businesses.

Ideas for Fundraising Over Halloween

Car Wash
Yes that boring old school fundraising idea... that if done correctly can be very successful.

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Food Fundraisers:

Be sure to also grab this FREE Fundraising Guide to see what food fundraising products and other items are currently popular... and what their profit potential is.

Cookie Dough
According to many fundraising companies, Cookie Dough is one of the most popular and successful fundraising items available. So is the next idea...

A perfect, quick sell fundraiser for schools!

Custom Cookbook Fundraiser
A very cool idea that brings parents and teachers together. Works great with a Taste Test Fundraiser.

Cookies & Fortune Cookies

Fundraising With Popcorn
A healthy food fundraising product.

Candy Bars

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Fundraisers

A great fundraising product simply because people are buying coffee everyone month already, anyway.

Pasta Fundraisers

Jamba Juice
Another super healthy fundraising product.

Coca Cola Fundraiser

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Event Ideas:

Fundraising Auction Ideas
Plus have a look at these Auction Basket Ideas.

Kids Art Exhibition

The Walkathon Fundraiser
As I've already mentioned this is one of my MOST Recommended fundraising event ideas!

Trivia Evening
A Trivia Night Fundraiser provides a fantastically fun evening that will raise great funds if you organize and execute properly. This 10 page guide will help you with that.

A Book Fair

Food Tasting Evening

Wine Tasting Fundraiser
Learn how to run and host a profitable Wine Tasting Fundraiser. It's a really fun event.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

Dueling Pianos Show
A fun dinner and entertainment evening where two pianists duel it out to see who's the fastest, most creative, and best piano player.

Basketball Tournament

Soccer Fundraiser Tournament

Tenpin Bowling
Another really popular fundraiser that can also be done Pledge Style!

Stadium Seat Fundraiser
Perfect for schools that hold big sporting events each weekend. Auction or raffle off the prime seat in the stadium with additional perks and privileges.

Dog Walk
A twist on your usual Walkathon Fundraiser. Get all your dog lovers and dog owners involved for a fun walk!

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Other School Idea Lists:

Looking for fun and profitable School Fundraising Ideas?! (Photo by Judy Baxter / Flickr)

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Specific School Groups:

High School Fundraisers
With more High School Fundraising ideas here and even more ideas here!

PTA & PTO Ideas

Cheerleader Fundraisers

Ideas for Preschools

Elementary Schools

College Fundraising Ideas

Fundraisers for Booster Clubs

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Ending the Ideas:

For some great ideas on promoting all your School Fundraisers read here.

And always remember to bring passion, determination and creativity to all your Fundraisers. If you pick the right school fundraising ideas and use this formula, you will always succeed at your Fundraising goals!

I wish you and your school all the best of luck!

Recommended School Fundraising Resources:

Strategies For Finding 100 New Donors in 90 Days

Non Profit Software for all Causes
Reviews of the best and most recommended Software for fundraising.

Spirit School Apparel
The company that makes the Online Apparel Fundraiser available! A truly phenomenal resource!

Set up your store and start using this Must Have fundraising campaign for your school!

GA Fundraising (USA & Canada only)
Providing the best and currently most popular fundraising products and School Fundraising Ideas. Including their brilliant Online Product Fundraiser that I mentioned up above!

Easy Fundraising Ideas (America)
These guys also provide a wide range of brilliant fundraising products and solutions.

DoJiggy Auction Software & Solutions
This RFI partner provides a top quality and highly recommended online fundraising auction platform. Try out their FREE trial to get started!

In Fact any of DoJiggy's Software will help your School's fundraising campaign hugely.

It includes Golf Day Management, Event Management, Pledge Software, Donations and other Service Packages. Definitely review them properly and try out their FREE trials!

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