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Do you have any fundraising suggestions for Rewarding Fundraising Ideas? Or maybe you have a fundraising query and would like some suggestions?

Well this is the page to do it on!

* So maybe you think I should have a page about a certain fundraising idea or technique.

* Or is there information or advice that you would like to find out about a certain fundraising idea. Like do you need ideas for cool raffle prizes.

* Or maybe you can help out with another person's query below by commenting on their contribution!

Whatever it is, please add your fundraising suggestions, query, or comment down below...

But Firstly...

Here are 5 fundraising ideas I suggest you look into...

  • Crowdfunding / Online Donations - Accept donations from a crowd of people of a FREE crowdfunding/donations platform.
  • Online Apparel - Sell a wide range of organization apparel through a customizable online apparel store for FREE.
  • Golf Tournament Fundraiser - A big earner that's loads of fun (for golfers).
  • Online Auctions - Take your auctions online and widen your reach and potential!
  • Raffles - The adaptable fundraiser that will work in almost any event, fundraiser, cause, or situation!

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