Fundraising Products

Below you will find a list of popular and profitable fundraising products that help organizations raise funds every single year.

Not all the fundraiser products will be suitable for your cause, so you need to look through them and find the ones that will be most desirable to your supporters and potential customers!

Also realize that not all organizations like product fundraisers and will prefer to have a strong fundraising letter campaign.

I say, have a good balance of both!

Coffee is a brilliant Fundraising Product as people are buying it ANYWAY! (Photo by Sean Neakums / Flickr)

There are 3 ways you can use fundraising products...

  1. As a single, stand alone fundraiser.
  2. As a Tag sale fundraiser, which is really an add-on product to the main focus fundraiser.

    Like selling Beef Jerky or Biltong at an event, or having lollipops as an extra option for your Cookie Dough fundraiser!

    This is something I would recommend you always do. By having two options to support your cause, you increase the chance that people will buy from you!
  3. The third way is through a continuous fundraiser that you hold all year round. Like the brilliant Online Apparel Fundraiser.

The success of your product fundraiser will come down to how well you market the products and how good your sales team is.

So make sure you equip and train your sales team properly!

Recommended Product Suppliers:

Here are a few American fundraising product suppliers that I highly recommend. They are reliable, have great products, and most importantly have excellent profit margins...

  • SSA Custom Apparel Stores - SSA provides fully customizable Online Apparel Stores for fundraising. They are FREE, highly effective and the apparel is brilliant quality.

    Just make sure you read all of the Online Apparel Fundraising page to make sure you use them effectively! You need to promote your store efficiently and it's important to know how.

    They also provide an option for you to bulk order at a discount if you want to sell your Apparel offline directly to your supporters!
  • GA Fundraising Products - Highly recommended product supplier with a wide range of currently popular and profitable products! From Magazines, to Cookie Dough, to Lollipops, to Scratch Cards!

    Also has a brilliant Online Product Fundraising Program that is free to setup and can be really rewarding. Check it out!

    Read what I have to say about this company here.
  • EFI - Another recommended product supplier with a wide range of products.

You can also use the search block below to find more companies...

(A Tip: Type the name of your local area or country with a plus sign before it, and then add your search query with a plus sign before it as well. Ex. +perth +fundraising product supplier)

Another option is to make the products yourself. It might take more work, but you may find you have a more profitable fundraiser.

You'll just need to decide whether you'll be able to do it well enough and if it'll be worth it!

List Of Fundraising Products:

Here is list of fundraising products on Rewarding Fundraising Ideas that you can use to further your fundraising campaigns.

Click on them to learn how to use these products successfully...

So how's that for ideas for some choice products fundraising.

Good luck with your product fundraisers!

And please remember that these fundraisers will generally be sales based, so make sure that you have some basic fundraising sales knowledge, and that your volunteers receives some training.

You'll find some great advice on fundraising sales in Jack Atwells' "Let's Raise Money".

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