Thanks to the Internet, Crowdfunding is one of the quickest and simplest ways for raising funds for any project.

  • It's the perfect and BEST fundraiser for individuals.
  • And is extremely effective for nonprofit groups with specific projects!

So what is it?

A Crowdfunder is where a crowd of people (friends, family, members, supporters, strangers etc.) donate funds to your cause. Small amounts that add up to something significant!

It is funding from a crowd of people.

Well that's the basis of it... Actually getting all those people to donate is the key!

Since the advent of the Internet this fundraiser has become extremely popular, for many obvious reasons, like it doesn't cost anything to set up!

The internet has also made Crowdfunding easier and easier to do.

Crowdfunding - Brilliant Online Fundraising. Learn how... (Photo by Mrs Gemstone on Flickr)

So is it a good fundraiser?

It's a superb fundraiser!!!

In fact, it's one of my most recommended fundraising ideas, obviously for the right cause or need!

There are many reasons as to why it is so effective. Like the fact that it is free to set up. Or that you don’t have any hassle of dealing with fundraising products!

It also leverages off small affordable donations from lots of people to reach your final large sum!

It can also be set up on short notice and still be successful!

But it does need to be done properly to make sure that it is successful. And to do it properly you need to understand a couple of things...

  1. Firstly, for someone to donate to you they need to have a personal or emotional connection to you or your cause. 'Donating to your cause' needs to be appealing to people.

    OR they need to receive a really excellent benefit from donating to, or sponsoring, you!
  2. And that YOU need to drive the promotions of your donations fundraiser! YOU (and your team) have to effectively promote your donations fundraiser every day from the beginning to the end.

And that goes for both online and offline crowdfunding!

So Online or Offline then?

You can effectively crowdfund through either methods...

But my recommendation would be to hold an online crowdfunder. It's just so much easier and effective. It also enables you to reach a far wider and bigger audience of potential donors!

You can then of course still take donations direct from people offline!

Another Crowdfunding option that I would highly recommend is Online "Brick" Fundraising (also known as a Supporters Wall Fundraiser).

You do this fundraiser by selling sponsorship blocks on a page of your website to supporters. You raise funds and the sponsor gains exposure!

If your organization has a website then I would highly recommend that you use this supporters wall fundraiser!

Let's now take a look at how to Crowdfund Online and Offline...

Online Crowdfunding:

I call it the Online Donations Fundraiser, and for most causes it is my number 1 recommended fundraiser!

It can be either done through a dedicated Crowdfunding Platform like Fundrazr, a Supporter Wall on your website, or through DoJiggy's Donation website service.

DoJiggy's service is highly recommended for Charities and Nonprofits that want to have the ability to take recurring donations from donors!

Another GREAT Option...

Is to use a T Shirt Crowdfunding Platform. It's a combinations of an Online Donations Crowdfunder and a T Shirt Fundraiser.

Find out more about this method here.

Learn how to raise funds through an online fundraising page...

So why a Platform like Fundrazr?

Simply put... It is the most unbelievably brilliant fundraising platform, that provides such amazing tools to help you succeed!

The different functions/tools will help with encouraging people to donate and promoting your fundraiser on the site, through Social Media and Offline.

They really make crowdfunding online so much easier!


Some people fail to raise any funds with an Online fundraiser because of a few simple mistakes they make.

I don't want you to make those mistakes...

So please read (and then download and print out) the 10 Step Guide to running a successful and profitable online fundraising page.

On the other hand if you just want to accept general donations off your website for no specific campaign then DoJiggy Donations is a perfect option.

Read more about accepting general internet fundraising donations here...

And of course don't forget about Crowdfunding through a supporters wall.

Offline Donations:

Even though I highly recommend that you run your crowdfunder online, you can still accept donations offline!

Some supporters may want to give you cash in hand personally or they may have cash on them when you speak to them. Or for some other strange reason you may just want to only run your Donations fundraiser offline (Something I wouldn't recommend)!

So the best way to get donations offline is to get in people's faces and talk to as many of them as possible.

You can either use Donation Sheets or Scratch Cards for this!

Crowdfunding - Small Donations That Add Up!!! Learn how... (Photo by Nick Ares / Flickr)

With Donation Sheets you will design and print them, and then hand out to as many friends, family, or group members who are willing to help out. They will then use the sheets to help you ask people for donations!

The donation sheets should be simple and take down the donor's name, email address, telephone number, possibly their physical/postal address, and how much donated!

You want all these details so that you can thank the donors properly afterwards! Tell people this when they are donating!

Then go speak to ALL your friends, family, members, supporters, and to strangers asking for donations!

Donation Boxes:

A donation box, or multiples of them, will also be a great way of acquiring offline donations.

Read through the Donation Box page to learn how to make this method really successful!

Another really great idea for offline crowdfunding would be the 'Taking To The Streets' fundraiser. A close friend of mine used it very effectively to fund his university film project!

Ending The Crowdfunder:

I'm going to repeat my recommendations above quickly...

I highly recommend you run an online crowdfunding fundraiser through this excellent online fundraising platform; But also be ready to accept offline donations if people want to give them to you.

Make sure you read all of the online donations fundraiser advice on both pages and practice that advice throughout your fundraiser!

If you have a website then you should also be Crowdfunding through a Supporter "Brick" Wall on your site. Consider the fact that you will be providing a great service to people with this. They get exposure from it!

Make your cause appealing to people (through wording, rewards, etc.) and drive that fundraiser from start to finish (promote, promote, promote... Effectively)!

Good luck with your Crowdfunding!!!

And remember to come back and tell us your success story at the successful fundraising ideas page.

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