Online T Shirt Fundraiser

A T Shirt Fundraiser done online, is without a doubt one of the best and most popular fundraisers around at the moment.

It Comes With Quite a Few Benefits:

1. It's cost-free.

You never have to spend a cent.

2. No inventory & hassle-free.

You don't have to purchase shirts, get them printed, and then deliver them.

Everything is done through the online platform.

3. Easy to promote.

As with all online fundraisers, it's easy for you to promote your fundraising page everywhere... And just as easy for your supporters to promote for you as well.

Bottom Line: It's incredibly simple to setup and remarkably hassle-free...

All Done in a Few Easy Steps:

  1. Signup for free with BonfireFunds.
  2. Design your T Shirts. But make them AWESOME!
  3. Customize your Fundraising Page.
  4. Launch your Fundraiser. Promote your shirts and fundraising page everywhere online and off.
  5. Then raise funds as you sell.

Plus people can simply donate if they don't want to buy a shirt.

An Online T Shirt Fundraiser is currently one the most popular and successful fundraisers that you can use.

What is the Potential:

Generally causes are currently raising between $500 and $10,000. But there have been quite a few who have raised well over that figure.

It all actually depends on how many T Shirts you can sell. The more T Shirts you sell; the more you raise.

Essentially the factors that will effect how much fundraising potential you have with an online T Shirt Fundraiser are:

An Online T Shirt Fundraiser like this example is a simple to setup, hassle-free, and cost-free fundraiser.

Tips For a Successful Online T Shirt Fundraiser:

Considering the factors we just discussed above, here are some things you will want to do to make your fundraiser more successful...

  • Read all the BonfireFunds' HELP, BLOG, and SUCCESS ARTICLES you can. Essentially get a perfect feel of how this fundraiser is done successfully.
  • Read the other suggested articles a little further below.
  • Create an AWESOME T Shirt design.
  • Have a Team. The more people you have helping with your fundraiser, the greater your reach will be, and the more successful your fundraiser will be.
  • Write an amazing and impactful fundraising pitch.
  • Tell your cause's story. People love stories and it's the most effective way of connecting them to your cause.

    So through your fundraising page's written pitch, make sure you tell that story. Also tell it in your emails and promotions.

    For more great info on Telling Stories to Raise Funds go here.
  • Launch your fundraiser. Don't just start it, share it with some friends and then hope you raise funds.

    Blast it out with an email to everyone on your email list, and on all your fundraising team's email lists. Then blast it on everyone's Social Media platforms and create some proper momentum at the beginning of your fundraiser.
  • Promote - Promote - Promote. Don't stop your promotions after your launch. Have an on-going strategy of daily updates and messages throughout your campaign.

Read these articles for extra help on holding a successful Online Fundraiser:

I wish you all the best of luck with your fundraising!

If you have any comments, tips, or extra ideas on this fundraiser, then let us know by commenting just below...

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