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"Our Dojiggy site worked great! The learning curve was not bad at all. When I did have questions the support staff was always easy to reach and ready to help.

"We were able to raise over 40% more than last year's event which did not include the on-line component. It's also a record for this event!"

— J. Mitchell Haley, Director of Development, The Island Coast AIDS Network

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Need to setup a fundraising website?

Or need to take donations online?

Or what about taking registrations for your event? Or maybe you want to run a Pledge Based fundraiser like a Walkathon?

Well, DoJiggy has got you covered.

You can setup your Fundraising Website by going here.

Or find out more details below...

What is DoJiggy?

DoJiggy is awesome!!! - That's what. :-)

More technically though...

They are an Online Fundraising Software solutions company for Nonprofits and charitable causes.

*Donation software

*Crowdfunding software

*Golf tournament software

*AND Credit Card processing software...

What about Fundraising Events?....

Yes, those too! Here are some Fundraising Events you can use a DoJiggy Website for:

What Features does a DoJiggy Fundraising Website have?

  • Online Donations
  • Online Ticket Sales
  • Event Registration
  • Online Auction
  • Participant Fundraising Pages

DoJiggy's website's have many features, check them all out here...

OR read through some of my favorites below...

Participant Fundraising Pages:

Participants are able to create their own page to take donations and fundraise for your cause. Now you can reach their circle of friends and they get kudos for the funds they raise:

Click here for some examples of Fundraising Events that are using Participant Fundraising Pages to raise more.

Team Fundraising Pages:

In addition to participant fundraising pages, those participants can be grouped into teams, with a fundraising page for each team, as well.

Sponsors' Page:

Sell advertising and sponsorship packages right off your website for your event.

Sponsors can purchase their package and upload artwork to be available to you in your Control Panel.

Sell Tickets Online (Including Raffle tickets):

That's right! Sell tickets for your event directly off your website.

And you can also sell tickets for your raffle.

To See All The Features:

Head over here.


All-in-all if you're looking to setup a powerful Fundraising Site...

Or if you're wanting something robust to take event registrations and have multiple individuals fundraise for you...

Then DoJiggy has you covered.

Head over here to start your FREE Website.

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