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Personal Fundraisers:

Profitable Ideas for Individuals

Are you an individual looking for personal fundraisers for your own personal cause?

Do you need to raise funds to attend university or to pay for a serious operation for a family member or yourself?

Maybe you need funds to do your school project. Or you're an aspiring scientist who needs funding for his/her experiments...

Whatever the case is...

...Take comfort in knowing that there are some great ways of fundraising for a personal cause.

After all, a large amount of my fundraising experience came from personal fundraisers I held to raise funds for film school.

And trust me, there are some brilliant ideas you can use.

Before we get started though...

Top Quality Personal Fundraisers - Ideas & How To's. (Photo by Kevin Lawver / Flickr)

I want you to do two things.

  1. Firstly read the running personal fundraisers page. It's got some really valuable advice and tips on holding individual fundraising campaigns.
  2. And secondly realise that most of your support will come from friends and family... And this is who you will firstly target when holding a fundraiser.

Just DON'T overuse them... But DO... network through them to all their friends and family.

Do you have any personal fundraiser ideas or tips you can share?

Then please "Pay It Forward" by clicking here and going to the form at the bottom of the page to add your contribution. Thank you so much!

Ideas for Personal Fundraisers:

You'll find some great ideas below. Make sure you read their full advisory pages to get the most out of those ideas.

On top of the ideas below you will also want to look through these, the top 5 personal fundraising ideas.


Your first step with a personal fundraiser should always be to setup methods for people to donate to you both online, and directly (offline).

Your best way of running a donations fundraiser online will be through a donation page setup on a top quality Crowdfunding site (like the one in the link below).

This is how it works...

  1. Setup an awesome Online Donation Page for FREE here.
  2. Share and Promote that page thoroughly.
  3. And then Collect Donations.

But before you run a fundraiser through a Crowdfunding site I'd highly recommend you read the 10 Steps to Running a Successful Online Donation Fundraiser.

An online donation page is the first step to setting up and running a successful Personal Fundraiser! (Photo by Kalyan Chakravarthy / Flickr)

Do not run a online donation fundraiser until you have read that page!

Another unique Crowdfunding option is through T Shirt Crowdfunding, find out more about it here.

Donations Offline:

The best idea for offline donations would be to print off a bunch of donation/sponsor sheets. Then recruit some volunteers (friends and family), who can use them to collect donations for you from their friends.

The donation sheets should take down info like name, email address and amount donated.

Donation Boxes and Tins are also a great option!

Another great method for getting donations is through Scratch Cards. They are fun to use and reward your donors with discount coupon books.

Let's look at more ideas...

Online Fundraising Ideas:

Online Donations (Also known as Crowdfunding)
As I've already stated up above, this is the best personal fundraiser that you could use! And should be the starting point of any Individual Fundraiser.

Make sure you read the 10 Step Success Guide to an Online Crowdfunding Campaign.

Unique Fundraising Idea; A Content Website
A long term fundraiser that will bring in a sustainable income of funds. Takes focus and commitment though.

Supporter Wall / Brick Fundraising
Setup a Supporter/Donor wall on your website where you can easily accept donations and where your supporters can gain exposure.

Affiliate Fundraising
Promote online merchants through your blog and social media accounts and receive commissions for referred clients.

Get Paid Per Click Contextual Advertising
If you own a website or blog you should be using this fundraising idea!

Webmaster Affiliates
A great fundraiser that creates a residual/recurring income!

Another superb online fundraising method! Sell magazine subscriptions through a customized online fundraising store.

Get Paid Online Guide
A guide to raising funds through completing online surveys, receiving marketing emails and using other simple online methods. Like through Paid Surveys At Home.

Definitely worth considering for personal fundraising!

Online Apparel Sales
Sell customized fundraising apparel online with no cost to you. It's a cost free fundraiser, and is one of the best ways of running a Personal T Shirt Fundraiser.

Offline Fundraising Ideas & Challenges:

T Shirt Fundraisers
A very popular and rewarding fundraising idea!

A great way to run this idea is through a T Shirt Crowdfunder - You setup an online fundraising page for free with bonfire funds, design your shirts, and then promote your fundraising page to all your friends.

Bonfire Funds then handles all sales and shipping of T Shirts to supporters, and you raise funds through every T Shirt sold.

Sponsored Cycle
This is one of the most successful fundraisers I've held. For maximum fundraising and exposure make sure it's a decent challenge... A friend and I rode 300 miles in 26 hours! It had the WOW factor that made it so successful!

You'll be using an Online Donation Page yet again to take donations and sponsorships for this fundraiser!

Trivia Quiz Fundraising Evening
I have friends who use this fundraising event effectively year after year. Simply hold a Trivia Quiz Night at a local pub or restaurant etc.

Sponsored Cycle - Great Personal Fundraising Idea

Golf Tournament Fundraiser
This one will take a good deal of work to organize, but if you have enough help it'll be an amazingly profitable fundraiser!

Taking to the Streets
A free, unique and innovative Fundraising idea!

Fundraising Cards
Cards provide some brilliant fundraising methods that you could potentially use for personal fundraisers.

Calendar Fundraiser
If you're artistic at all, you could consider adapting this fundraiser to a solo fundraiser. Will take a big sales effort though.

Tenpin Bowling
A fun sports fundraiser that will work for any individual fundraising for a personal cause.

Photo Fundraisers
Although this fundraising idea is written for organizations, if you are a talented or aspiring photographer you may just be able to adapt it to become a profitable individual fundraiser.

A Lollipop Fundraiser
I don't usually recommend sales fundraisers for individuals. But this fundraising product is so cheap, popular and easy to fundraise with, that you can definitely consider adding it to your personal fundraising campaign.

Recommended Resources:

The crowdfunding / Online Donations platform that I recommended up above. Just reminding you again as I don't want you to miss out!!!
Fantastic fundraising products and a brilliant online fundraising program. Check them out and grab their Free Fundraising Kit here.

Paid Surveys at Home

Almanac of Fundraising Ideas & Let's Raise Money
Two excellent fundraising ideas books that have phenomenal ideas and advice for all fundraising causes... Including personal causes. Click the links to read my reviews of these books.

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