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You will find great benefit from the use of fundraising companies for many different fundraisers that you run. Why?

Simply put, these companies are focused on delivering fundraising products and solutions that will make your fundraisers as profitable and convenient as possible.

If you use a well established company, you will find that the fundraisers that they supply will be fundraising ideas that have been proven to be successful.

These fundraisers would also have been designed by them to be as profitable for you as they can be.

A great list of top quality Fundraising Companies, Tools & Resources

Essentially, they have been there and done that!

There years of working in the fundraising industry has given them miles of experience to help make your fundraising campaigns more rewarding!

Let's have a look at a few of the companies that I recommend...

Do you have any companies you'd like to recommend?

Then let us know about them down below.... And check out what companies other visitors have recommended!

Recommended Fundraising Companies:

Below you will find pages, reviews, and links to, companies that I recommend for your fundraising campaigns. (Also take a look at these Non Profit Software solutions)

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SSA Apparel Stores | Fundrazr | Other Crowdfunding Platforms | GA Fundraising | Easy Fundraising Ideas | Noir Naturals | PaperFunds | ABC Fundraising | SBI | Movie Mondays | Charity How To Webinars | Supporter Wall | DoJiggy Software | Cookbooks | Other Companies

For a list of places to get Free Fundraising Info Kits go here.

SSA Custom Apparel Stores

Provides free and fully customizable Online Apparel Fundraising Stores for any organization. Discounted bulk ordering of Apparel is also available.

I highly recommend fundraising through them! Especially for schools, churches and other small Nonprofits.

You can setup a free store with them here.

Fundrazr -
Setup a Free Online Donation Page

Fundrazr is a online fundraising and crowdfunding platform that can be used by causes, both charitable and personal, worldwide.

I highly recommend them for accepting donations online and for Crowdfunding!

Take a read to find out more about this incredible platform.

Other Crowdfunding Platforms:

Go Get Funding

Go Fund Me

Micro Giving

For information on setting up a campaign on the above fundraising companies/platforms read here.

GA Fundraising

An American company that supplies brilliant Fundraising Products and has a phenomenal (FREE) Online Product Fundraiser!

Grab their FREE info guide to find the most popular fundraising products you could use!

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Easy Fundraising Ideas is also an American company that provides a range of different fundraising products. They are highly reliable and very efficient!

Noir Naturals

Noir Naturals provides a brilliant soap fundraiser that is run through an online fundraising store.

They have some really unique and popular items that provide a great opportunity for you to raise funds through a product type that people are buying anyway - soap.


A brilliantly simple fundraising company that has some excellent fundraising product programs.

They essentially provide products that people actually want and buy on a monthly basis... and nothing else.

Simple, yet effective product fundraising.

ABC Fundraising

Another quality American Fundraising Company!

Sitesell Web Services - SBI!

Professional website creators that will build you a successful website for your Nonprofit!

They also provide a brilliant and ridiculously affordable service where you can do it yourself. It comes with a comprehensive Action Guide to help you succeed!

SBI! hosts this website and I owe them the credit for it's success!!!

If you have any questions for them ask here.

Movie Mondays

Provides free Non-Profit and fundraising training videos every Monday.

A MUST subscribe to resource!

They also have loads of comprehensive training DVD's available, including the brilliant and highly rated "100 Donors In 90 Days" video course.

And their Donor Retention Project.

Movie Modays Fundraising Company - Providing Weekly Free Fundraising Training Videos. A must subscribe...

Charity How To (.com)

Free Nonprofit and fundraising training Webinars from some of the most respected fundraising professionals in the industry.

Some of the Webinar Authors include John Haydon, Lori Jacobwith, Kivi Leroux Miller, and Sherry Truhlar.

It's a really top quality resource that I recommend you look into. There are always new and brilliant webinars happening that you wouldn't want to miss out on!

Some of my favorites include:

DoJiggy Fundraising Management Software

Top quality fundraising management software for all types of fundraisers...

Including Golf Tournament Management, Pledge Donations, and Online Auction Fundraising, etc.

Read my review of their Charity Auction Software Here.

Supporter Wall

A Nonprofit organization that provides an awesome online App for any cause to use. It's a fully automated supporter/sponsor wall that you can place on your website.

You will need a free PayPal account to use it though (check further below).

Some More Fundraising Companies:

Do you know of any quality non-USA fundraising companies?

If you do then please share about them here by writing a short review on them and what they do.

I am currently looking for companies from England, Canada, South Africa, and Australia... But any company from any country will do...

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