My Current Favorite
Fundraising Idea:

My current Favorite Fundraising Idea for small Nonprofits, Organizations, and individual fundraisers...

Here's WHY the following fundraiser is currently my favorite fundraising idea:

1. It's easy to setup

2. It's cost-free

3. It's Hassle-Free

4. And it's relatively easy for you to promote (and for your supporters to share)!

Plus: it will continue to raise awareness for your cause, long after it's finished.

Let's talk money though...

What about it's Fundraising Potential?

Currently causes are raising between $500 and $10,000 with this idea (within a few weeks or a couple of months). There have also been quite a few who have raised well over that figure.

In comparison though:

It may not have as much potential as a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Event...

But it is considerably easier to setup, and is a fundraiser that can be done on your own and without a committee (although! I do suggest you still have a fundraising team).

So What Is This Awesome Idea?


It's the Online T-Shirt Fundraiser - AKA, T-Shirt Crowdfunding!

Just like an ordinary T-Shirt Fundraiser, but with the power of the web...

Cost-Free - Easy to Promote - and No Inventory: You don't have to purchase shirts, get them printed, or ever deliver them... Everything is done through an online platform.

How does it work?

In a few easy steps, through this free online platform...

  1. You start by designing your fundraising T-Shirts. (Make them AWESOME!)
  2. Then customize your fundraising campaign page.
  3. Set your prices and sales goal.
  4. And then LAUNCH.... & PROMOTE, PROMOTE PROMOTE! Share with your supporters and spread the word.
  5. Finally when you hit your goal - the shirts are printed and delivered... And you receive your funds!

It's a brilliant concept, that gets amazing support...

As long as... your supporters are proud to wear your Cause T-Shirts (that's why you must make them awesome!)

So what's the platform that makes this fundraiser a possibility?

It's called BonfireFunds... and I'm absolutely in love with what these guys have created!

Head over here to setup a FREE account.

And because I've invited you, they'll also give you an extra $1 for every shirt you sell (up to 100) from your fundraiser! ... It's a pleasure! :-)

But Let's First - Increase Your Success:

Here's something you may hear me repeat often: "Hope marketing, or hope fundraising... Is not a strategy!"

If you want your T-Shirt campaign to succeed, you need to plan out a proper strategy for succeeding.

Simply putting up a fundraising page, a quickly designed shirt, AND HOPING you'll sell them.... WILL NOT GET YOU FUNDED!!!

Sorry for shouting... But I honestly want you to succeed!

So please take some extra time to read through the following articles...

Then sit down and plan your fundraiser carefully. Start by asking these questions...

  • How will we design our T-Shirts?
  • How will we make the shirts awesome and highly desirable?
  • What are we going to write about our cause (on your campaign page), that will inspire people to buy our shirts?
  • And how are we going to promote our fundraiser? In a way that will get ALL OUR (potential) supporters across to our fundraising page.

Got it? Good. Then get reading...

  1. The Online T-Shirt Fundraiser - The what & how-to for succeeding!
  2. The general T-Shirt Fundraising how-to article. (Take note of the T-Shirt design, and promotion sections.)
  3. Tips & Advice on all Apparel Fundraising.
  4. AND don't forget to read the top tips on Promoting a Fundraiser!

I'd also spend some time on the BonfireFunds Blog, look through their Help Centre, and read their success stories...

You'll find some great pearls of advice through those who have already succeeded with this fundraiser!

And that's my Current Favorite Fundraising Idea done! I hope you find great success with it.

All the best of luck with your fundraising!

And don't forget - that by using my invitation to BonfireFunds - you'll raise an extra $1 for every shirt sold through your campaign (up to $100).

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