Fundraising Events Ideas

Are you looking for the most rewarding and exciting fundraising events ideas?

Well, you have a lot to choose from...

There are just so many great charity fundraiser events that you could use to raise funds for your cause. From Golf days to the Dueling Piano Fundraiser!!!

Or what about a Saint Paddy's day fete, or maybe a school play!

The list goes on and on...

First thing you need to do though is read the 'running charity fundraiser events' page.

You'll find some excellent tips and ideas on how to run successful events and how to maximize your profits during one!

The JCE Trust Cricket Day Fundraiser & Gala Dinner.

Then you will obviously need to pick the right fundraising events ideas for your organization and fundraising campaign.

Obviously every organization is different and you will therefore need to be thoughtful about picking the right events to suit you and your supporters...

Be creative with it... The calendar is full of days that you could use to hold a Fundraising event, or you can even make up your own day! Brainstorm! For example...

  • Valentine's day
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • Boxing day

    Or what about...
  • A super hero day (for kids)
  • A local mystery day or treasure hunt.

You never know, if done properly, your idea might become an annual event in your community!

And remember to always make sure you promote all your Fundraising Events through your Website.

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Great Fundraising Event Ideas:

Read through all of these fundraising events ideas and pick the ones that will be most rewarding for your cause!

And remember to take photos at all your events so that you can use them on your Fundraising Calendars and Photo Books.

For great ideas on promoting your fundraisers read here.

Fundraisers For Events:

Here are some great add on fundraising ideas for your events that you should definitely consider including...

Recommended Resources:

DoJiggy Event Management Software - A highly recommended resource for all your events including Golf Days, Walk-a-Thons, Bowl-a-Thons, Auctions, etc.

Take registrations, donations, sponsorships, volunteer registrations, and participant pledges all online. It's an unbelievably comprehensive resource!

Definitely find out more and try out their FREE trial/s!

Getting More Corporate Sponsors - Shanon Doolittle's phenomenal Tutorial DVD on finding corporate sponsors for your events!

Fundrazr - This website is a brilliant platform to set up a fundraising campaign for your event. It will work perfectly alongside your fundraising events ideas.

You can use it to either raise funds for capital to set your event up; or to actually accept donations for the event (For example if you are holding a fundraising rally that people are sponsoring).

You definitely want to look into using them, but please make sure you read all of the advice on both Online Donations Fundraiser pages and practice that advice. It'll ensure you have a successful fundraiser!

GA Fundraising - These guys provide an impressive range of fundraising products and solutions for American & Canadian fundraisers.Including their Online Fundraiser! I highly recommend them.

You can grab their free fundraising info guide here!

Effective Grant Proposal Letters by Pam Grow - Excellent eBook on writing Grant Proposals! Extremely helpful and informative.

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