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This section of RFI is dedicated to recommending fundraising books to help further and better your fundraising knowledge!

The more knowledge you have on fundraising, and of different fundraising techniques, the better you will be at running successful and profitable fundraising campaigns.

Use these books to find more quality fundraising ideas, learn better fundraising techniques, and to increase the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts!!!

Do you have any books you would recommend?

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Here are some tips regarding books on fundraising:

  1. Be as objective as you can be. Be open minded but don't just believe everything you read. Take in the information, evaluate it, and then decide if it's worthwhile to use.

    It must make sense to you! You have a brain, so use it!
  2. Realize that not every fundraiser book is meant for you or your organization.

    Some books are written for groups that want to fundraise relative small amounts to help build a new classroom or go on a sports trip...

    While other books
    are written for large charities that need to solicit a couple million from donors and large sponsors!

    So, try recognizing what books are written for you and then read those.
  3. With the above two points in mind, read as many books as you possibly can... The more fundraising ideas and techniques you have, the more equipped you'll be to fundraise effectively!

Please also note that I will only recommend books that I believe will be worthwhile for people to read.

Some of these books, of course, may or may not be recommended precisely for you, depending on the type of book. So read the review first before you read the book...

Fundraising Books, EBooks & Training Manuals:

For other quality Nonprofit and Fundraising books look here.

Other Useful Books & EBooks:

Below you will find books and eBooks that are not directly related or written for fundraising but will still be useful and beneficial to read...

Have You Read Any Quality Fundraising Books?

If you have any fundraising books that you have read and think that they would be useful for others to read, than please submit your suggestion and review of the book below.

All suggestions and reviews are welcome...

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