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So are you looking for Youth Fundraising Ideas for your youth group, school class, or for kids?

Well that's what you'll find here, plus more.

Expect ideas for the internet, fundraising event ideas, food fundraising ideas and other fundraising ideas for kids...

With a few tips and suggestions for fundraising with youth as well.

You'll also find some great resources at the bottom to help with your fundraising and to help expand your fundraising knowledge.

Plus you've got the chance to add your own Youth Fundraiser Ideas at the bottom of this page. Feel free to add any ideas, tips or techniques for fundraising with Youth or kids.

So, there are a few really great benefits to Youth fundraising that you should know about...

And it's all to do with the fact that you have the Youth on your side!!!

With their natural enthusiasm and energy you'll have amazing tools at your disposal. They will also bring a sense of pride and spirit to their fundraising efforts like no one else...

And as individuals they each have their own huge circle of supporters: Their family, that are always ready to help them out. Or more importantly help the cause out that they are fundraising for!

Youth Fundraising - Great Ideas & Tips (Photo by Libertinus / Flickr)

Here are a few tips and suggestions you should consider for when fundraising with kids...

  • Equip Them Properly - Obviously depending on the fundraiser, make sure that they have all the right information, equipment, sales forms and/or flyers etc. for them to fundraise properly with.
  • Teach Them How To Sell - This is obviously specifically for sales driven fundraisers. Teaching your kids some basic sales techniques will help increase your fundraising sales by huge amounts.

    I can't emphasize the importance of this. A little bit of work on this and it will pay huge dividends to your fundraiser.

I'd highly recommend you read this fundraising eBook by Jack Atwell to learn how to give your kids some basic and effective fundraising sales training.

  • Or Teach Them How To Promote - If it's not a sales fundraiser there is a good chance the kids' purpose in the fundraiser will be to promote the fundraiser.

    For example, for an Online Donations Fundraiser, give them some ideas and tips on how to promote the fundraiser through Facebook and other social media they may use. Plus also on how to spread the word effectively offline!
  • Hold Them Accountable Regularly - Kids have the tendency to forget things or forget about things. So if they are taking payments or collecting cash, have regular money 'hand ins' before they lose the money somewhere (or spend it themselves).

    Also remind them regularly about the fundraiser and what they need to be doing.
  • *Extremely Important* Take Precautions For Their SAFETY - Lastly, but definitely not least, always make sure you take the kids safety into consideration when running any fundraiser.

    Take any precautions necessary and prep the kids about those precautions and their safety!

Let's take a look at some Youth Fundraising Ideas you can use...

Youth Fundraisers For Kids. Learn how... (Photo by Pernell Goodyear / Flickr)

Youth Fundraisers:

Here are some youth fundraisers for you to consider...

Internet Ideas:

General Offline Fundraiser Ideas:

Recommended Resources:

GA Products

Apparel T Shirt Fundraisers for the Youth. A great fundraising ideas...

Youth Fundraising Events:

Food Fundraisers:

Youth Groups:

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Make sure you read the Online Donations pages to ensure you run a successful donations fundraiser though.

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