Want to learn how to write effective and successful Fundraising Letters?

Fundraising Letters

Successful and effective fundraising letters are often an important part of any fundraising campaign.

They will gain you donations, raise awareness, and promote your fundraisers!

Fundraiser letters can be used for...

  • Grant proposals,
  • Donation Appeals,
  • Requesting raffle prizes,
  • Requesting event sponsorships,
  • Thanking donors & sponsors
  • Or to advertise upcoming fundraisers and events.

These tips will also help with your online donation campaign pitch...

...Plus much more!

Writing these letters can be a bit daunting sometimes, but they really need not be!

By simplifying what you need to write and by following the right guidelines, anyone can write a successful and effective fundraiser letter.

And always remember that the most important thing about your letters is how you tell your Cause's story (and that you actually do tell a story).

And on that note of telling your Cause's story... A big recommendation to help you: 

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Below you will find articles and letter templates that will give you valuable tips and advice on how to write your own fundraiser letters...

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Fundraiser Letters - Tips & Templates:

Fundraiser Letter Writing Tips (Part 1)
A comprehensive three part article giving tips and advice on writing effective fundraiser letters.

From structural advice, to setting a scene, and to using a postscript as a powerful tool!

Part 2 of Writing Tips For Fundraiser Letters

Part 3

Thank You Letters
How to write effective thank you letters to show your appreciation and to building solid donor relationships.

Sample Letters Asking For Donations
Two sample donations letters that provide a guideline and starting point to help with your donation letter writing.

Another Simple Sample Donation Letter

Sample Church Fundraising Letters
Two sample Church Fundraiser letters. One letter is a complete sample, while the other is a descriptive guideline on writing a Church fundraiser letter.

Writing Grant Proposals by Pamela Grow
Pamela Grow has an amazing amount of knowledge on writing grant proposals and you'll get such great value with this book of hers.

Recommended Resources:

Nonprofit Storytelling Seminars & Webinars

Nonprofit Storytelling Field Guide & Journal

Donation Fundraiser Letters

Let's Write a Grant

How To Write Successful Letters For Fundraising

Look here for more Quality Books on writing Letters!

And remember to get the Sample Donation Letter swipe file... It has every sample letter on Rewarding Fundraising Ideas. Click the link above to get your download.

So What's Your Tip Or Advice?

Do have any tips or advice for writing effective fundraising letters. Tell your story here and share your experiences and successes with non-profits and fundraising campaigners...

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