Profitable Fundraisers For Individuals

There are many profitable fundraisers for individuals to be found and used... from sponsored challenges to innovative internet ideas.

But before we get into them we need to clear something up first, and that is...

There are two sides to individual fundraising:

  1. One side is where an individual is raising funds for a charity or a non-profit of some type. For example, doing a sponsored cycle for Cancer research. That is what this page is all about.
  2. The second side is where someone holds a personal fundraiser to raise funds for his own personal cause. Like I did to raise money for Film School.

    If that's you then please click here to read the Personal Fundraising page.

So now that that is cleared up, the next thing you need to realise about fundraisers for individuals is that you unfortunately don't have an official supporter's base like a church or school would have...

Fundraisers For Individuals - DIY Sponsored Cycle

But if you think about it carefully, in a way you do have a supporter's base... All your friends and family!

And these are the people who you will firstly target with whatever fundraiser you hold!

Not just by getting them involved and supporting you, but by networking through them to all their friends and family!

Side Note: Do you have any individual fundraiser ideas or tips?

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Let's get started...

Accepting Donations:

For a majority of the fundraisers for individuals most of your funds raised will come from donations. So the first thing you will need to do is set up a method for people to donate to you both online and offline.

This fundraising website/platform, where you can setup a campaign for FREE, is my most recommended method of taking donations online for your fundraiser.

Through their site you can set up a profile page that has multiple (and very useful) functions.

Your fundraising campaigns progress is visible through a fundraising thermometer and you are provided with excellent tools for you and others to promote your campaign with.

It is a truly remarkable website that you should use... BUT before you do I'd highly recommend that you read the 10 Steps to success page first!

An online fundraising page is the best start to any individual fundraising campaign. (Photo by James Cridland / Flickr)

For another option, if you just want to accept general donations (not campaign specific donations), then an online company like PayPal provides a really simple and reliable method for anyone to accept donations online.

Offline Donations:

Offline donations will obviously just be people giving you cash and checks. Consider putting up a few donations boxes at local stores/pubs/restaurants etc. (with permission of course).

A great idea would be to print off a whole lot of donations sheets you can hand out to friends and family who can then collect donations for you from their friends.

The donation sheets should take down info like name, email address and amount donated or vouched for.

Fundraisers For Individuals:

Below you will find some great Fundraising ideas that can be used as fundraisers for individuals.

A brilliant start would be to look through these 5 effective ways of raising money!

Or take a look at the best 5 personal or individual fundraising ideas!

And please note: You should also read the Running Fundraisers for Individuals page. It's got some valuable advice for holding profitable individual fundraisers!

Crowdfunding through Online Donations
Highly Recommended!
Probably the best fundraising idea now with the access everyone has to the internet.

This fundraiser should be your first consideration!

Make sure you read all of part one and part two of this online donation fundraiser for maximum success! Or read the simplified 10 Steps to a Successful Online Fundraising page.

And also learn what your Charity Badge is and how to use it!

T Shirt Crowdfunding
This is a unique, risk-free and highly effective method of Crowdfunding, where you design custom T Shirts as your donation rewards. All payments, printing and shipping is handled by the platform...

And through your campaign page supporters can easily see what your cause is about, purchase T Shirts, make pure donations, share your campaign to their friends, and also see your progress!

You can setup a FREE T Shirt Crowdfunding campaign page here.

Content Website; A Unique Idea
This fundraiser is definitely worth investigating!

Sponsored Cycle
This is one of the most successful fundraisers I've held. For maximum fundraising and exposure make sure it's a decent challenge... A friend and I rode 300 miles in 26 hours! It had the WOW factor that made it so successful!

T Shirt Fundraisers
A popular and rewarding fundraising method! That works exceptionally well online through a T Shirt Crowdfunding campaign, as mentioned above.

Taking to the Streets
A free, unique and innovative Fundraising idea!

Noir Naturals' Online Soap Fundraising Stores
This brilliant fundraising program is available to anyone to use. It's run purely online, so is FREE to setup... and utilizes a range of highly useful and popular products!

Calendar Fundraiser
If you're artistic at all you could consider adapting this fundraiser to a solo fundraiser.

Tenpin Bowling
A fun sports event that any individual could easily run!

Fundraising Cards
A list of the different fundraising card options. Really popular fundraising options!

Photo Fundraisers
Although this fundraising idea is written for organizations, if you are a talented or aspiring photographer you may just be able to adapt it to become a profitable individual fundraiser.

Trivia Fundraising Evening
This is such a great fundraising event that is loads of fun. Simply hold an evening where teams enter your trivia contest to win great prizes.

Car Wash
An often used fundraiser that is still profitable and successful!

Get Paid Per Click Advertising
If you have a website or are planning to build one this is a fundraising idea you should definitely be implementing.

An interesting and logical fundraiser to consider! Run one online for free through GA Fundraising (America & Canada only).

Charity Bracelets
A very cool and profitable product!

Knitting For Charity
A unique idea that doesn't require you to donate or raise actual funds!

Get Paid Online Guide
A guide to raising funds through completing online surveys, receiving marketing emails and using other simple online methods.

Like through Paid Surveys At Home.

Definitely worth considering for an individual fundraising campaign!

A simple food fundraiser that can work well for individual fundraising.

You should also consider looking into the Internet fundraising ideas to see if any could work for you. These online ideas can be very, very profitable fundraisers for individuals!

And please remember that any challenges you can think of can be turned into fundraisers for individuals... Just name the challenge and ask people to donate for you to do it!

Recommended Resources:

  • Fundrazr - My recommended Online Fundraising website/platform! Setup your page today and start raising funds.
  • GA Fundraising - This is the fundraising supplying company that I recommend for the America. They have some really excellent and profitable fundraisers.
  • Paid Surveys At Home - A website that helps you generate funds through doing surveys and sampling for multi-million dollar companies!

    These are great fundraisers for individuals.
  • For all your sales fundraisers read Jack Atwell's Let's Raise Money to get some great advice on Fundraising Product Sales.

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