Unique Fundraising Ideas

So you want to do something different? Find some unique fundraising ideas that will create excitement in your organization?

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Here you will find the best and most unique fundraisers that are sure fire ways of raising great funds for your cause.

You'll find funny fundraisers, cheap ones, simple ideas, fast ideas, free fundraisers, and creative fundraising ideas!

So take your time to read through them and find the unique ideas that will truly compliment your cause...

Here you will find the coolest and most unique fundraising ideas, like the "Pin on map fundraising raffle" and others! (Photo by Selena N. B. H. / Flickr)

For some awesome resources for these unique fundraising ideas, check out the resource section down below!

Unique Fundraisers:

Below are all the unique fundraising ideas that you are looking for. Click on the links to read about them...

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A Content Website; A Brilliantly Unique Idea
For individuals and the right organizations that have the expertise to put together an informational website, this is a brilliant fundraising idea that will provide sustainable (and passive) income.

Crowdfunding - Online Donation Fundraiser
The perfect fundraiser for individuals, but one that is also very effective for nonprofits!

Take donations from a crowd of people, by promoting your free Crowdfunding page/campaign through Social Media and other promotional methods.

Check out how to use your Crowdfunding Charity Badge as well! And I'd highly recommend that you read the 10 Step Guide to setting up and running a successful Crowdfunding Fundraiser.

What Makes a Successful Fundraiser - With Ideas!
The four keys to a successful fundraiser, plus some of the most successful fundraising ideas you could use!

10 brilliantly Simple & Easy Fundraising Ideas

Funny Fundraising Ideas
Want to have a laugh whilst raising funds?! Then these super Funny Fundraisers are just what you want!!!

More Funny Ideas

Tag The Bag Fundraiser
One family raised over $7000 with this brilliantly unique fundraiser, while another raised $3250 in 48 hours!

Cause Marketing
Defined by a partnership between a nonprofit and for-profit, for mutual profits (and benefit). This is a phenomenal guest article by Joe Waters, with fantastic tips and fundraising ideas!

10 Unusual Fundraisers
Some unusual ideas (that raise great funds) to get your creative juices flowing.

5 of the Most Effective Ways of Raising Money

Brick Fundraising
A unique idea that works online and offline. Supporters purchase 'named' or dedicated bricks.

10 New and Novel Ideas
A list of relatively new fundraisers that are already proving successful.

Two Unique Fundraising Ideas
The Helicopter Drop & Pin On Map Treasure Hunt. (Raffles)

Some Creative & Unique Raffle Ideas
A super list of profitable and creative raffle ideas for all causes!

Knitting for Charity
Learn how knitted items can help with fundraising and certain charities!

44 Creative School Fundraising Ideas

And some Cool School Fundraisers!

Scented Pencils made out of Recycled Newspaper.

Simple Ideas
Wrapping paper, Online donations, Discount cards, Lollipops, Magazine subscriptions, etc.

Cheap Ideas
Online apparel, Toolbar, Discount cards, Brochure fundraisers, and Magazine subscriptions, etc.

Halloween Fundraisers
Raise some scary funds before and during this famous day.

Christmas & Festive Season Ideas

This superb page has a whole heap of Unique Fundraising Ideas like these Valentine Fundraisers. (Photo by Barb Steinacker / Flickr)

Unique Valentine Fundraising Ideas

Trivia Fundraising Evening

The Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser
An awesomely unique fundraising idea that has some very cool potential!

Fun Ideas
It's time to have some fun with your fundraising! Like the Pie in the Face fundraiser, Dodgeball compo, Trivia quiz night, Kiss the pig contest, and Murder mystery night, etc.

The Dueling Pianos Event
This is such a cool event where you'll have loads of fun and raise some decent funds as well!!!

Good Ideas
Looking for basic ideas that are solid performers. Then this is the article for you!

Free Fundraising Ideas
Don't have capitol to start a fundraiser? Then here are some ideas that are free to set up.

Easy Fundraisers
Here some fundraisers that are as easy as you can get!

Earth Friendly Fundraisers
Raise funds and stay enviromentally friendly! Inkjet Recycling, Flower Bulbs, and Smencils, etc.

Ever wondered if you can fundraise successfully by buying and selling gift cards?! Well you CAN, and it's called Scrip Fundraising.

Recommended Fundraising Resources:

SSA - Set Up A Customizable Online Apparel Store!
Recommended for all groups and organizations!!!

GA Fundraising
My recommended fundraising product supplier in the US & Canada. Grab their FREE info guide here.

Setup a Free Online Fundraising Page
A brilliant Fundraising/Donations/Crowdfunding platform for anyone and everyone. But please read the Online Donations Fundraiser Guide to fundraise effectively with an online campaign!

Or you can Crowdfund with T Shirts!

DoJiggy Fundraising Management Software
Including Donor & Donation Management, Online Auction Management and Golf Day Fundraising Management.

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