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Are you looking for Fundraising and Non Profit Software to help with your donor management, accounting, auctions and registrations, etc.?

Well, here's a list of the most recommended and popular fundraising software providers and products (with reviews and suggestions)!

Non Profit & Fundraising Software:

Starting with my most recommended...


DoJiggy is a fantastic resource for quite a few not for profit software products and fundraising solutions!

They claim to have the most affordable software in the non profit and fundraising industry, and as far as my research has found this seems to be the case.

DoJiggy Non Profit Software. Find out more...

They also offer a FREE 14 day trial on all of their products and services!

Their different services are...

(or take a look at their personal product overview here.)

Donor & Donation Management:

Their donor and donation management software offers a secure online donation website and year-round recurring giving management system.

Donors can make a onetime donation or setup a profile for recurring giving on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

They are also the only industry leader that does NOT charge transaction fees on your donations.


Their Events management software is a complete web based event registration and management system for all types of fundraising events.

For example sports tournaments, galas, poker tournaments, conferences and meetings... essentially, any fundraising event that requires registration and/or ticket sales.

DoJiggy Events manages individual registrations, group registration, product sales, sponsor/sponsorship promotion and management, plus other administrative management and financial reporting functions.

It's unbelievably comprehensive and worth using for all your events.

Their event software options also include Golf Tournament Management.

Walkathon & Pledge Management:

Their most popular product!

It's a complete web based registration and pledge management platform for all types of Pledge events. For example: walkathons, bowl-a-thons, golf-a-thons, challenges and any other type of event where participants collect and track pledges.

The participants can easily setup and manage their personal fundraising pages. Each page can include up to four images or videos, their personal pitch/statement, and a personal goal.


Their Auction Management software can be used for pure Online Auctions, but can also be used to accompany and support a live auction. Once again it's a complete web based management system.

Each auction item gets its own webpage with a product image, detailed description, starting and high bid information, Buy Now pricing, plus more.

Your bidders create a user profile and the system allows you to easily email winners, and track and accept final payments.

Other Services:

They also have a set of service packages that help clients make their websites look superb with only a small amount of time, effort and experience on the clients part!

SSA Stores:

"SSA stores" is a fully customizable online Apparel Store system that is free to setup and manage.

You have the ability to provide a wide range of quality apparel products that can be customized with your logo and multiple colors, etc.

This is how they describe their system...

SSA Stores Non Profit Software - Free Customizable Fundraising Apparel Stores.

Setup a FREE store with SSA here...

Or read more about them on their company review here. And for advice on successful Online Apparel Fundraising go here.


Fundrazr provides an online Donations/Crowdfunding platform that is available for anyone to fundraise with.

It's designed to make it easy for you to setup a cool donation page, to easily accept donations and...

It's also designed to help you and your supporters easily promote your fundraising campaign through Social Media and other promotion methods.

It's not just a Donate Now button, it's so much more.

To start a Fundraising Campaign on their platform go here.

Donor Perfect:

Donor Perfect is a comprehensive, Web Based, Non Profit software solution to manage all your fundraising efforts!


  • Event Participant Database
  • Event Registration & Management
  • Direct mail & email features.
  • Donation, pledge, receipts, acknowledgement management.
  • Accounting.
  • Social Networking Tools.

With over 10,000 Charities using their Non Profit Software to manage, track and increase their fundraising, their product has a superb track record!

Find out more here.

Gift Works:

Gift works is another comprehensive Non Profit software management system, with similar features to Donor Perfect above.

Find out more about them here.

Intuit Accounting:

Intuit offers a Financial and accounting management software that is well priced.

It provides a range of tracking and reporting tools suited specifically for charities and non profits. The software will help you...

For more info on this Non Profit software product, go here.

Supporter Wall:

This app integrates perfectly into your website, where supporters can purchase supporter blocks and place their image logo with a link on that block.

It's a perfect way of acquiring sponsorships from businesses and companies looking to gain marketing for their support/donations!

Check it out!

Software You Recommend...

Do you have some Non Profit Software that you would recommend Non Profits use?

Then let us know about it below, with a detailed description of the software and its benefits!

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