Fundraiser Ideas:

That Don't Use the Internet...

These offline fundraiser ideas are a sure fire way to ignite your fundraising efforts and bring in those much needed funds!

Your offline fundraisers should also compliment and go Hand in Hand with your online fundraising.

A great example is Apparel Fundraising...

This is a great idea to do offline, but will be perfectly complemented with an Online Apparel Store.

You can sell your Apparel at all your events, at other events and through your thrift shop... And you can also direct people to your Online Apparel Store, using each method to promote the other.

Get the point?!

SSA Apparel Fundraiser Ideas for any group or organization! Check it out...

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when running an Offline Fundraiser though. Click here to read these offline fundraising guidelines.

I'd also recommend you subscribe to the free Movie Mondays nonprofit/fundraising tutorial videos. And check out their major training products as well!

Also keep your eyes on Charity How To to see if there are any upcoming nonprofit/fundraising webinars that will help you!

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Fundraiser Ideas:

Okay, so here is a list of rewarding offline fundraising Ideas.

Read through them all and pick the ones that will work best for your cause and fundraising campaigns.

For All Food Fundraisers Go Here

A list of top quality offline fundraising ideas. (Photo by Nick Ares / Flickr)

Go Here For All Unique Ideas

And go here if you want some great ideas on Promoting a Fundraiser.

Recommended Resources:

Fundraising Products
For a range of profitable and successful fundraising products, grab this free fundraising guide.

SSA Custom Apparel Stores

DoJiggy Fundraising Management Software
Brilliant Fundraising Resource! Event and Pledge Management. Definitely try out their FREE trials!

The Almanac of Ideas
A Phenomenally comprehensive fundraising ideas book with brilliant information!

"Let's Raise Money" by Jack Atwell
Very informative fundraising book that gives great advice on the many different aspects of fundraising, including food fundraisers. Click here to read my review.

Writing Grant Proposals
By Pamela Grow.
This is a brilliant book on writing effective grant proposals. A MUST READ for your Grant Fundraising.

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