Bungee Jumping Event

by Daryl

The Bungee Jumping Fundraiser. A brilliant idea submitted by Daryl from Gibraltar! (Photo by Jeremy Keith / Flickr.)

The Bungee Jumping Fundraiser. A brilliant idea submitted by Daryl from Gibraltar! (Photo by Jeremy Keith / Flickr.)

An Extreme Sports Fundraising Event:

If you are going to have a sports fundraising event, why not go extreme? Bungee Jumping definitely falls into this category and it's not very difficult to organize.

All you need is some cooperation from your local Bungee specialists and it will be quite doable.

You don't even need a big open space, a parking lot or small grass area is often enough. Jumping from mobile cranes is very popular these days as they are easy to setup.

Agree on a set fee for the crane and operators, which will give you your minimum target for the event. Anything you make above that amount will go to your fundraising cause.

Get word out about the event, as once you have the crane organized options open up for other income options.

The event would not be complete without a few drinks and food stalls. Try speaking to your local breweries, they may offer up a keg or 2 in aid of the event.

The biggest obstacle here is drumming up support and jumpers for the event...

Try approaching the armed forces or police to sign up for charity jumps. The army guys are a close knit community, if you can get them involved you are almost guaranteed a good event. They will bring everyone they know, just don't run out of beer!

Schools and colleges are also good places to canvass for support.

Tip: Ask the jump crew how many jumps they can perform in one day. You don't want to book too many people and end up running out of time.

Rob's Note:

This is a great fundraising event idea that can include a few extra fundraising methods like selling fundraising products, like your Organization Apparel.

Grab this Free Fundraising Product Guide to see what products you could use.

Make sure you get your hands on this excellent resource as well to learn how to get the most out of all your fundraising events.

All the best of luck to any of you who decide to do this excellent and exciting Bungee Jumping fundraising event!

Thanks for the idea Daryl.

Image Attribution: Jeremy Keith

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