Cookie Dough Fundraising

Cookie Dough Fundraising is a simple, popular and profitable fundraiser that is a perfect fundraising product for Charities, Societies, Schools and PTA’s.

It's Simple to Run...

The basic process of the fundraiser is you take orders for cookie dough tubs from your members and supporters...

Which you then send off to your supplying company, who in turn delivers the cookie dough tubs, that you then hand out to your customers!

Pretty simple right!

Cookie Dough Fundraising is a great way of fundraising for free through Brochures! (Photo by Nick Ares /

With cookie dough fundraising you can make up to 55% profits from all your sales, which is a great profit margin!

Another option that you could do with this fundraiser is to actually bake the cookies yourself and then sell them at all your events etc. Read the fundraising cookies page to find out more about this fundraising idea.

You should also read the Running Profitable Food Fundraisers page to find more advice and tips on running food fundraisers!

Cookie Dough Fundraising -
Maximize Profitability:

Obviously with all your fundraisers you will want to make them as profitable as possible... or what I call maximizing your profitability!

With a cookie dough fundraiser the more tubs that you sell, the greater your discount will be from your supplying company.

So the point is to sell as many cookie dough tubs as possible!

You do this by promoting the fundraiser properly, having your sales team totally prepared with a sales pitch, and by offering your sales team a nice incentive reward to be motivated by!

Alrighty, let's begin the cookie dough fundraising...

Get Started:

Your first step will be to setup the fundraiser and get your cookie dough brochures, which you can do through the following two US based companies I recommend you use...

Also grab this FREE fundraising guide for more info and too see what other fundraising products are currently popular and profitable.

The above programs are unfortunately only available in the USA and Canada, so if you're in another country use a Google Search below to find a local cookie dough supplier...

Prepare Your Sales Team & Sales Pitch:

Your next step with cookie dough fundraising is to get your sales team together and prep them with all the necessary information and tools.

Either recruit some volunteers, garner the help of your family and friends, or get your school children involved. You must have at least a small sales team to make this fundraiser really rewarding...

Then have a guideline sales pitch for your sales team to learn, practice and use. It should briefly explain what you are selling, and what the cause is for.

The sales pitch should use the trigger words "help" and "because", and you should teach your team to make eye contact and smile while doing their pitch! This will all help increase your sales!

Learn how to run a profitable Cookie Dough Fundraiser!  (Photo by Micky Zlimen /

Your team should also hand over a brochure or sales flyer while pitching someone to increase the chance of a sale!

Your supplying company should supply you with the appropriate sales brochures, but if not, you can quite easily put together an attractive flyer. Use bold lettering to make the flyer stand out!

You should also provide some motivation for your sales team to make loads of sales and the best way to do this is by...

Providing a Sales Incentive:

You can either do this by having a competition in which you give prizes out to maybe your top five sellers, or by offering a reward for sellers who sell a certain amount of cookie dough tubs!

This works really well with kids and if you have some excellent prizes it will be such a rewarding sales strategy!

Whichever way you do it, I would suggest that you make sure that your whole sales team walks away with some prize, even if it's just a bag of sweets for the non-performers! That way everyone will be happy to help out again come next time!

I learnt some amazing tips about fundraising sales from Let's Raise Money and I'd recommend you grab a copy of it.


Obviously the main advertising of your cookie dough fundraising will come from your sales team approaching people, word of mouth, and the flyers that they hand out!

But to make it as profitable as possible you should consider using a few other advertising methods as well. You must try to make as many sales as possible!

Learn how to run a profitable Cookie Dough Fundraising Campaign!  (Photo by Ginny /

Here are some more ways of advertising your cookie dough fundraiser...

A Great Marketing Idea:

A great promoting idea for your cookie dough fundraising would be to include the different flavors of cookies as part of your food taste fundraiser event.

You will need to read the food taste fundraiser for more info on it but this marketing idea is quite simple...

What you do is bake a batch (or more) of all the different flavours of cookies that you are selling and then have a specific tasting table devoted to them!

On the table provide order forms with one of your sales team readily available...

When people eat cookies that they like they will already be pre-sold into buying a tub or more of that cookie dough and you should be ready to offer them the sale!

Finishing Notes:

Please remember that for the cookie dough fundraising idea to be successful you will need to plan and prepare properly! In fact, that goes for any fundraiser that you ever hold.

So organize your fundraiser properly and maximize your profits...

Prepare your sales team and sales pitch, advertise properly and offer a sales incentive!

I wish you great success with your Cookie Dough Fundraising!

Ready To Get Started?

Then start by ordering your Cookie Dough Fundraising brochures here.

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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