Fundraise With Something Everyone Uses - Soap!

by Charles Kennedy
(Ponchatoula, LA, USA)

Easy, Profitable, and Environmentally Friendly Fundraising For ALL!

Easy, Profitable, and Environmentally Friendly Fundraising For ALL!

Unique Fundraising:

Want a unique alternative to fundraising for any individual or group, featuring something different, earth-friendly, and useful?

If yes, then consider our Natural Soap Fundraising program.

The Natural Soap Fundraising Program by Noir Naturals is an online program and there is no upfront purchase required. Noir Naturals handles shipment of orders, customer service and provides frequent sales reports so you can track your sales.

There are also rewards for you or your group as well.

We've made it easy so you can focus on promoting your page to friends, family members and supporters without having to worry about paperwork, collecting payment and delivering orders, like a traditional fundraiser.

Noir Naturals makes a line of more than 20 bars of natural coconut and goat's milk soaps, and with soap for babies, dogs, women, men, vegans and those with sensitive skin there is a soap for everyone.

Fundraising Potential:

Your profit is 45% of total sales. Our bars of soap are $6.50 each, soap dishes are $6.00, and loaves of soap are $50.00.

Every $1000 you or your group sells, earns you $450, and you can select the frequency you'd like your profit payment to be made.

There is no minimum sales amount required, and you'll feel good that your fundraising supporters are buying something that is earth friendly and practical, soap. Plus our soap is made in the USA, New Orleans, Louisiana area to be exact.

Who Can Fundraise With This:

Our program is open to any individual or group seeking to raise funds in the United States.

Whether you or your group needs cash for an upcoming trip, project, or future plans, we can help.

Find Out More:

To learn more about the Natural Soap Fundraising Program visit:

And check out our cool YouTube video:

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