How I Got on the High-Roller Donor List

by Batya
(South Florida)

A few years ago I decided to tithe my income to an environmental organization. I chose the World Wildlife Fund for the wonderful work they do with keeping non-human inhabitants of our planet safe from extinction.

At the time I was working freelance and my income changed from week to week and month to month. As did receiving checks. Sometimes checks were as small as $30 at a time. So I never knew how much I gave.

But whenever I received a check I sent my tithed drips and drabs to the World Wildlife Fund, earmarked for one or another of my favorite animals.

I figured I'd sent in a small but meaningful amount of money.

Then the end of the year came and the WWW was gearing up for a major fundraising event. I received a phone call from one of their volunteers asking me to contribute....okay...I figured I could manage to give a LITTLE extra.

And then they asked for $5,000.

I dropped the phone. My mouth fell open. My eyes blinked rapidly, as did my heart.

After I retrieved the phone I blabbered something more or less coherent to the tune of, Excuse me??

Well, yes, ma'am, the nice volunteer said. We have you on our big donor list.

(That's the closest I ever got to Robert Redford!)

How did I get there? I asked politely.

Well, ma'am, it says here you've contributed $$$$$ this year.

Dropped the phone again.

I did?

Message: Little bits and pieces of contributions have a way of adding up -- and not hurting the pocketbook on the way to making a difference!

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