Marketing Ideas For a Fundraising Site

by Olga

Marketing Your Fundraising Website:


Here are my five online marketing ideas.

Since I only participated in the fundraising process as a donor, I would find raising funds terrifying, and would be glad to find some tips and ideas from the experienced people like you.

So here are my ideas where to find people like me and advertise to them:

  1. Schools are constantly in the process of fundraising. Send an e-mail to a school newsletter ( or gazette) editor to include your link into their newsletter.
  2. You can create a small article, "How to start from the right foot and raise tons of money for a good cause," and distribute it to schools, article directories, forums.
  3. Find established bloggers, and communities that work to raise money, and ask to provide a guest article.
  4. Charities. They consist of people who care about their cause. Talk to those people, get a backlink to your site to help their members raise money. In return you may feature interviews with them on the topic that may be interesting for your readers.
  5. Big companies constantly participate in events like "Ride for Heart","walk for MS", etc. Check the schedule of events and find the way to reach out to those regular folks who are trying to raise money for a good cause. Ask them to link to you. They may even if you don't ask!

Some Recommended Resources:

The free Affiliate Masters Course has some awesome advice on marketing your website.

For webhosting I would recommend SBI!.

Or if you'd rather have a professional build your site for you then Sitesell's Services are the way to go!

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Mar 26, 2011
Thanks for the great ideas.
by: Anonymous

Really like the 5 ideas and the other ideas on this website.

Have been struggling to market our website but with these ideas I think we can maybe grow the awareness of it. Many thanks.

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