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Charity How To is a fantastic resource that provides insightful, practical and absolutely brilliant Nonprofit Training Webinars from some of the best fundraising professionals and speakers on a weekly basis!

Essentially it is a collaboration of fundraising and nonprofit experts providing training to help you succeed!

Founded by Kurt Steiner in 1999, it has evolved to provide all types of webinars for Nonprofits to learn from.

To review their upcoming webinars go here, and for recorded webinars, here.

This fantastic resource is a collaboration of some of the best Nonprofit and Fundraising Experts, who share their knowledge through weekly webinars!

Let's find out more...

Who is Kurt Steiner?

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Kurt online over the last few years as I've dealt with Charity How To. He has a real passion for fundraising and Nonprofits.

He's been helping thousands of Nonprofits and Charities online since 2003, and was part of the team that helped establish Firstgiving.

During his time there as Vice President of Sales, FirstGiving help raise over $100 million dollars online for charity.

The Charity How To about page has this to say about his founding of it...

"Speaking to charities and nonprofits on a daily basis, Kurt was told time and time again of the frustration many felt with the internet; they continued to hear of the power of the web and social media, but learning how to leverage this new technology while simultaneously running their organization and carrying out their mission seemed an impossible feat. 

"Charity How To was born out of a simple idea: Help nonprofits raise more money without requiring a huge time or financial commitment."

The Presenters & Fundraising Experts:

The lineup of presenters at Charity How To is one incredibly powerful list, and includes some of my favorite Nonprofit Training Experts!

Here are just a few of the fundraising experts who present Nonprofit training webinars at Charity How To...

For the full list, with more info on each of the Charity How To presenters, take a read here.

Recommended Recorded Webinars:

Obviously they have new and upcoming webinars on a weekly basis and you can review what's available here.

But they also have many recorded Webinars that I would highly recommend you look through.

Here are a sample few that I would highly recommend you watch...

Google Grant Series #1: How To Get Google Grants & Set Up Your First Campaign - A Step-By-Step Guide

One of the most successful and popular Nonprofit training webinars that Charity How To has held.

Presented by Simon Choy, he shows you exactly how to get Google Grants with up to $10,000 per month in free advertising. And how to set up that all important first advertising campaign.

Just imagine what you could achieve with that type of advertising potential!!!

This is what one of the attendees had to say about this webinar (Read more testimonials here)...

"The Google Grants webinar was without a doubt the most valuable webinar I've attended. The speaker was extremely knowledgeable, planned the time well, and did an excellent job keeping the webinar on track and on topic while balancing depth and breadth of information. KUDOS!"

Katie Wetzel, Volunteer and Food Drive Coordinator, Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

Email Newsletters for Nonprofits, Part I: Strategies to Make the Most of Your E-Newsletter

Presented by Kivi Leroux Miller, this webinar and it's follow up was an absolute hit.

Your E-Newsletter is an important part of your fundraising strategy and stewardship, and I highly recommend you watch this webinar to help you write more effective newsletters.

How to Successfully Sell Event Sponsorships

One of the most common questions I receive here on RFI is how to find sponsorships for events! Well there's no one better to learn from than Shanon Doolittle...

She is the Fundraising Event and Sponsorship guru!!!

Also check out her "How to Sell Out Your Next Fundraising Event" recorded webinar, and "Incredibly Successful Events: How to Win Over Corporate Sponsors and Raise More Money at Your Next Event."

Free Webinar: An introduction to Nonprofit Silent Auctions

Presented by Sherry Truhlar, this FREE webinar recording will teach you how to raise more funds from your Silent Auctions with five simple changes.

With practical how-to advice on attracting the best bidders and how to showcase your items better, etc.

Facebook Mastery Series #1: How to Create an Awesome Facebook Page

John Haydon's 1st entry to the 6 part Facebook Mastery Series is a must if you plan to include Facebook in your Nonprofit marketing strategy!

The Marketing Savvy Behind Outrageously Profitable Silent Nonprofit Auctions

This is another excellent Nonprofit Training webinar from auction guru, Sherry Truhlar. With stacks of photos from profitable (and not-so-profitable) fundraising auctions, you'll learn how to increase your auction profitability in leaps and bounds!

This is what Debbie Cook of the Lutheran Schools Association had to say about it...

"The Profitable Silent Nonprofit Auctions webinar information was awesome! Our nonprofit has no history of silent auctions, but tested the waters a bit with a few items at a fundraiser last year. As we attempt to grow this component, I truly appreciated the tips and advice offered. With a small staff, we have no time to waste. Thanks for pointing us in a good direction with tried and true suggestions."

Nonprofit Training Conclusion:

All in all, Charity How To is an incredible collaboration of some of the best nonprofit experts to help you and your nonprofit succeed!

My suggestion is that you keep a close tab on their upcoming webinars and take part in whichever are relevant to your cause, its needs and campaigns.

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