Online Donations Fundraiser:
Crowdfunding Your Cause!

Highly Recommended!

The online donations fundraiser is one of the simplest, yet effective fundraisers that you could hold.

  • It's the NUMBER ONE fundraiser for individuals, and is PERFECT for personal causes!
  • As well as being highly effective for organizations needing to fund specific projects.
  • It's also simple to setup, and to share and promote.

This is a fundraiser for anyone and everyone!

You simply...

  1. Create your free donation site/page (Click here to get started).
  2. Share and promote it effectively with friends and supporters.
  3. And then collect donations!


So make sure you read ALL the advice on this article, and on the 10 Step Online Donation Guide when setting up your crowdfunding fundraiser!

A Slight Twist On This Idea... to do a T Shirt Crowdfunder. It's essentially the same concept, except that you will be selling custom T Shirts (or giving them as rewards for donations) instead of just taking donations.

It creates an extra bit of excellent motivation for someone to support your cause... And is definitely an option worth considering!

Check out these success stories to see the potential it holds.

Online Donations Fundraiser Through Crowdfunding. Come learn how... (Photo by James Cridland / Flickr)

What Makes It So Great?

You don't have to sell anything or run a huge fundraising event.

All you need to do is write an awesome fundraising page...

And then promote like crazy, creating enough awareness and drive that gets people to donate to you or your organization, for whatever the need!

And with online donation platforms like this one, setting up your crowdfunding fundraiser is really simply!


Please make sure you read this full article, including page 2 (The Setup) and page 3 (Promoting), whilst you set your campaign up.

I would also recommend you read and download the summarized Step-by-Step version of the these 3 articles. It's a simple 10 Step guide that you should print out and refer to, every day of your campaign!!!

Alright, let's clear a few things up...

For Successful Fundraising - Understand A Few Things:

For your online donations fundraiser to be a success, there are a few elemental things you need to understand before you get started!

1. For someone to consider donating to you...

They need to have a personal or emotional connection with you, your need, or your organization! If they don't, then they simply won't donate.

Which means that they either have to know you personally (You will receive most of your donations from this group of people)...

  • Or they need to know someone who knows you (The amount of donations you receive from this group will depend on how well the person, who knows you, has promoted it to them, and from the factors below)...
  • Or they need to be emotionally affected or inspired by your need/cause. This will depend on your actual need and also with how well you set your campaign page up and how well you tell your story...
  • Or they need to relate to your need/cause. Meaning that they, or someone they know, have been in the same position.

2. This brings me to the second thing to understand...

For your online donations fundraiser to be a success you need to drive it. You (and your fundraising helpers) have to make it happen.

You need to Promote it like crazy from 'before' day 1 right until the end!!!

Just setting up a campaign on a Crowdfunding platform is not good enough.

Crowdfunding platforms are just that, a platform or tool that helps make fundraising online through donations and crowdfunding as easy as possible. It does not guarantee success!

Yes, Crowdfunding sites are brilliant tools, in fact they're one of the best tools you could use to get donations, but it is only that... A Tool!

So for your online donations fundraiser to be a success, you have to make it happen!

If that sounds daunting, don't worry, I’ll explain how you can do it effectively further on!

Two Parts To The Online
Donations Fundraiser Success:

There are two parts to making your online donations fundraiser a success, and I have split them up into two separate pages.

Both are hugely important with the second part being slightly more important.

But bottom line... you want to make sure you get both steps done properly to ensure your internet fundraising success. Below are the links to both steps; Make sure you read all the info...

  1. Setting up your campaign page properly!
  2. And Promoting Your Online Donation Fundraiser!

But Before You Start - Have Help:

I would highly recommend that you do not run your Crowdfunding fundraiser (or any fundraiser in fact), without help.

Get your closest friends, family, organization members and supporters to help you out in different ways.

They can review, give you advice and help you write up your campaign page, and set your goals. Extra pairs of eyes can really help make your page super impactful!

But more importantly they can help you promote your online donations fundraiser effectively. It is statistically proven that a team of people promoting a Crowdfunder will raise far more than an individual!

So if you are able to get the help... make sure you use it!

Let's Get Started...

Alrighty then, let's get started with setting up your Online Donations campaign page for most effectiveness...

One last reminder: MAKE SURE you read all the advice and tips given on both of the following pages! You do actually want to raise funds right?! Well, you'll need those tips to do that!

Good luck! :-)

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