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by Tiffany Johnson
(Heartland United, LLC)

Gano Excel Coffee Fundraiser! (Photo by Sean Neakums / Flickr.com)

Gano Excel Coffee Fundraiser! (Photo by Sean Neakums / Flickr.com)


My Company... Gano Excel just came out with a new (F.A.C.T) Fundraising Program with our Coffee, Tea, and Hot Chocolate. It's strictly for Fundraising (Non-profit organizations, churches, schools, etc.).

It doesn't cost YOU or the organization any money EVER!! I waive the $50 enrollment fee!

We are also the FIRST Company to roll out a RESIDUAL Fundraiser program. It's absolutely brilliant and I wanted to share with everyone...

Please watch this short 4:20 min. video clip on our (F.A.C.T) Fundraiser Program for more info:


Some preliminary numbers for an example are:

Say you had an organization that had 92 people to help with fundraisers. With each person only selling 10 (VERY conservative #) boxes of coffee, which would total up to be $32,200.

YOUR organization earns 35% of that total, which would be $11,270 total back to your organization! A Coffee Fundraiser that costs you nothing and raises great funds!

Like I said above... Gano Excel pays the organizations 35% of total sales of Coffee (you get a FREE website, so everyone just sends an e-mail to their friends and family asking them to purchase a box or boxes of coffee).

It's easy... not a lot of work for the organizer/organization, etc.

Plus it can pay your organization a RESIDUAL INCOME for life if people re-order once the fundraiser closes out! Very Cool! :)

We have many local organizations, churches, and schools jumping on board with this fundraiser because of the simplicity of our fundraising program. It's pretty amazing!

Our Coffee products are enriched with a powerful herb called Ganoderma Lucidum (Red Reishi Mushroom that is tasteless and odorless.)

You can drink our coffee with no known side-effects! It's the King of all herbs!

Although our coffee is a gourmet coffee and tastes amazing, the coffee is just the vehicle to get the Ganoderma Lucidum in our body. WHY?

Because 8 out of 10 people drink coffee EVERY single day... year after year!

It's the second most consumed beverage on the planet next to water!

Not only that, but people are addicted to coffee....people will forget to take their pills, vitamins, etc. But people NEVER FORGET to drink their coffee & they ALWAYS run out!

SO, if you're going to drink coffee anyway....why wouldn't you try it and drink the healthiest coffee in the world?

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