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A Unique Fundraising Company

When it comes to fundraising products, PaperFunds has a simple, yet highly successful selection.

These brilliant items are products that people are actually buying regularly, anyway.

As they put it, "it's products that people actually need!"

Free to Setup...

Another great aspect of their fundraising programs, is that they are Brochure Fundraisers.

This simply means that you won't have any upfront costs to get the fundraiser started.

You'll use order forms/brochures to take orders and payments from your supporters and customers, and then send that off to PaperFunds to receive the products.

So no direct costs for you!

PaperFunds is a practical and effective fundraising program that uses products that people actually use and need!

Who Can Use Them?

Firstly, they are based in the USA so unfortunately their program is only available to US fundraisers.

It will be a perfect fit though for most small groups and nonprofits. Like Schools, Churches, Church youth groups, Sports teams, Cheerleader groups, Scout Clubs, Booster clubs, etc etc.

Essentially any group that has supporters who need Toilet Paper, Batteries, or Glad Wrap...

Which is pretty much everyone!!!

So What Are PaperFunds Fundraising Products & Programs?

As of the writing of this article, they have 3 great programs!

Let's take a look...

1. Practical Product Fundraising:

This program of theirs is the one I'd recommend you look into first, simply because of the selection you can offer your supporters.

It's essentially a combination of 3 types of products...

  • Heavenly Soft® Toilet Paper & Paper Towels
  • Glad FoceFlex® Kitchen Trash Bags
  • And a full range of Duracell Procell® Batteries

Three very practical products that everyone uses!

Check out this PaperFunds Program here.

2. Batteries For Bucks:

Interestingly their Battery Fundraiser has a larger profit margin than their other products but is most likely a harder product to sell (compared to Toilet Paper or Paper Towels).

But that 40% profit margin makes it very worthwhile regardless of it being harder to sell.

Some benefits of this Program are...

  • Obviously the 40% Profit Margin.
  • It's a disposable necessity. Meaning that there will be repeat purchasing, creating sustainable/continuous fundraising potential.
  • And it's a small item which makes it easy for delivery.

If Batteries are something that many of your members, supporters and donors need and use, then this could be great fundraising program for you.

Check it out here.

3. Toilet Paper & Paper Towels Fundraiser:

PaperFunds' brilliant and super practical Toilet Paper Fundraiser.

This is their original fundraising product that launched them into the successful company they are today.

It's such a simple and practical product, which absolutely everybody needs. And of course that is what makes it such a brilliant fundraising product.

Take a look at it here.

Other Info You'll Want To Check Out:

Here's some additional links to info about PaperFunds that you'll want to check out...

  • How it Works - An article describing the process of running a fundraiser with them.
  • Profits - Information on the profit potential and profit margins of all the different products.
  • Testimonials from their happy customers.

In Summary:

Paperfunds is a really unique company that offers a simple, yet very practical range of fundraising products.

With products that everyone needs and uses, they are perfect for almost any organization with small to medium fundraising needs.

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