Rewarding Fundraising Ideas' Sponsorship Policy

Rewarding Fundraising Ideas accepts sponsorship requests from top-quality fundraising companies and software providers that represent different services/products in the fundraising industry.

They represent a mix of the best fundraising resources available on the market.

These sponsors can be seen advertised in the right hand column of most pages.

Reviews of these companies are written independent of the sponsorship.

Essentially, the review of a sponsor would be exactly the same with, or without, the "ad" in the right column.

Please Support Our Sponsors...

If you have found Rewarding Fundraising Ideas helpful, please support our sponsors by looking at their sites and using their services.

I know that you will find these products and services highly valuable and beneficial to your fundraising efforts.

Want To Sponsor?

If you provide a fundraising/nonprofit service or product of some type and would like to find out more about advertising on, or sponsoring, then please click here.

If you are already a Site Sponsor, I thank you for your support!

And please remember...

Rewarding Fundraising Ideas is NOT a non-profit website. Although the content on RFI is free, there are still costs involved and I do have to make a living somehow!

So I thank you for any support you provide!

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