Skiing for Camp

by Em

I love to ski and I wanted to raise money to attend a summer camp.

I asked friends and family to sponsor me and pay a small amount for every day I skied. This amount could stop after a certain amount of days.

Coming from a 12 year old who skis 70+ days every winter it raised enough for me to attend camp.

This idea could work for other things than just skiing...

Maybe if you play baseball you could do it for every home run you score, or something like that.

Rob's Note:

Great idea Em and thanks for sharing!

This fundraising idea works exceptionally well, but it hinges totally on your ability to get people to pledge funds for the required action.

So if you find enough people to donate a dollar for every home run or day skied, then you're going to have success.

If you don't then your activity will be pointless...

So make sure you get proactive and find enough people to pledge sponsorships to you!

Thanks again!!!

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